Magnetic Movie

Entertaining videos about magnetic fields are usually confined to the broad video genre of MRI accident security tapes. Unless calamity strikes, what could be less interesting than watching a movie about magnetism? But British film group Semiconductor's Magnetic Movie is marvelous: magnetic fields are animated as brightly colored tentacles that invisible spread through space like the tendrils of venus fly traps, licking up stray particles. The finale, in particular, is spectacular: it looks like something out of an apocalyptic science-fiction movie, as a mass of magnetic fields spread outwards to consume the earth in a living, alien-like ball of primal energy. Magnetic Movie [Vimeo via DVICE]
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  1. mujadaddy says:


  2. Agies says:

    @1 No shit.

  3. ianm says:

    Best thing ever.

    thank you.

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