And the iPhone App Store is up!

Got an iPhone? Fire up iTunes and take a look. You'll need iTunes 7.7.

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11 Responses to And the iPhone App Store is up!

  1. bardfinn says:

    Why must I be stuck at work today?

    Is my Mac fanboi showing?

  2. Brad S. says:

    #4 Joel:

    You go, man!!!


  3. nicheplayer says:

    When I read a comment — anywhere — by someone like #2 up there, I always wonder about what kind of community he or she is part of. Not all my friends are fans of Apple, but most are, and my totally subjective opinion is that they are really interesting, bright, funny, creative, and successful folks. The tone above is redolent of Windows, frankly…not so much Linux, I think. Maybe VAX? ;)

  4. chikurt says:

    As a longtime Apple fan I willingly admit they are as evil as the next giant corp.

    They do however make it easy to accomplish the mundane “user” tasks I need to, and Hell they even run every other system (not Vax, yet) without bsod-ing on me. (Well they bsod some, but not much)

    I soooooo didnt have to compile anything to post this either.

    Ignorance is somtimes blissful.

  5. padster123 says:

    @#2, anonymous


    Explain, please. What make Apple any more evil than any other corporation?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I always find it weird when people show up on blogs and accuse them of being in the tank for Apple. I mean, you may not like Apple yourself, but it’s 2008. Are you really shocked to discover that other people DO like this company, and are excited when they have new innovations out? Really, the ONLY explanation is that they’re being bribed?

    I don’t like McDonalds, but I’m no longer surprised when I go by McDonalds and there’s a lot of people inside.

    Not all people who disagree with you are blatantly dishonest.


  7. Joel Johnson says:

    I installed 7.7, but it’s saying that my version of the iPhone sync software is the latest. And Mobile Me appears to be down. Looks like they’re having server issues.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Are you sponsored by apple?
    I love this Blog and the lovely gadgets you show here, but apple sucks and they are evil, the only explanation I can find for so many posts about apple crap is that you people are making some money each time you post something about rotten apples.
    If that is the case and you need the money, well I can just not read them, and if by some weird reason you like apples stuff I can just ignore it…

    Well I just wanted to know the reason.
    Thanks for such a great blog anyways.

    • Joel Johnson says:

      “Apple sucks and they are evil” isn’t exactly the sort of nuanced approach that merits a response, especially from someone posting anonymously, but what the hey.

      We are not sponsored by Apple unless Apple chooses to buy some ads from us. Which as far as I know they have never done, but bully for them if they choose to.

      Your question is couched in a compliment, so thanks, I guess, but accusing writers of even our questionable usefulness if they’ve compromised their journalistic ethics by taking money for editorial is really a dick move.

      For the record, I like many or most of Apple’s products. And they’ve got a big launch today, so you’re going to get a bit of extra Apple news on BBG.

      Now shut your yap!

  9. Rob Beschizza says:

    I got on once, can’t know. Frazzled!

  10. dculberson says:

    That’s right! It was me, and I’m a VAX holdout. Some day VAX will rise from dormancy and RULE THE WORLD! Everyone will be forced to $ ed /usr/sys/conf/vax/vax.c in my name!!!

    Bwahahahaha bwahahahahaha!!

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