"Give them a chance to enjoy the feel of the iPhone in their hand"

The bond forms immediately after the initial dosage. Only your doctor can determine if it is safe for you to continue taking iPhone. More common side effects may include carrier codependency disorder, difficulty swallowing, and breast tenderness in males. iPhone 3G activation process [Macrumors]

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10 Responses to "Give them a chance to enjoy the feel of the iPhone in their hand"

  1. Lea Hernandez says:

    This is classic sales technique: holding something creates a sense of ownership, and, all joking aside, really does create a bond.


  2. Willimancer says:

    If any of you actually looked at the website, these are instructions for activation, not sale of the iPhone. In other words, the sale has already been made and the phone is being activated with the AT&T Service. This makes me doubt whether these instructions even come from Apple.

    Think about it – sales staff would not open the package of a new iPhone EVERY TIME a customer merely expressed interest in buying one. Unless they have some grimy display model that they “open up new” every time, which I doubt.

    So it is not “classic sales technique” because no sale is involved. It is still interesting, the premise of the post is just wrong.

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    Where did I say the post was about sales techniques? Perhaps you should read it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    @Rob Beschizza

    The commenter is probably referring to the BBG summary post on the main BB page, which describes this as “…[finding] out how Apple salesmen are supposed to hypnotize you into buying an iPhone.”

  5. Lea Hernandez says:

    Seems like a weird thing to do if one already owns the phone.
    But, DUH, I read the link. Duh. My bad.

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    I guess you have to call ‘em like you sebum.

  7. Rob Beschizza says:


  8. License Farm says:

    First taste is always free.

  9. mdhatter says:

    This is why i don’t go to Apple stores, I tend to drool on something, then have to purchase it (and the AppleCare of course! so they can get the drool off).

  10. Avram says:

    Rob, you didn’t, but the divine Ms Hernandez did in ct #2.

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