Nissan to release electric car by 2010

Automaker Nissan announced that it plans to sell an electric car by 2010 in Japan, with worldwide mass-production only 2 years later. The AP's Yuri Kageyama writes from Tokyo:
Nissan is also in talks with parking lot and railway companies on deals to put recharging stations near commuter stations ... That's one of the main complaints about electric cars: Skeptics say electric vehicles will stay niche for some time because they can't be used for long drives without recharging, and recharging stations aren't widespread. Proponents say tax breaks, preferential highways lanes and other incentives will boost their appeal.
Subaru and Mitsubishi also intend to have electric vehicles available next year. The video is of Nissan's "Pivo" electric prototype; the electric cube, pictured below, is a more convincing example of how a production vehicle may look.
Nissan charged up on electric cars [AP]

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7 Responses to Nissan to release electric car by 2010

  1. Alan says:

    A rotating cab would be better with a gun turret on top.

  2. MarlboroTestMonkey7 says:

    Who designed this? Tetrapak?

  3. minamisan says:

    Question 2: Why is the other company and most of its rivals employing only mentally challenged designers to their electric car teams?

    well that egg shaped one was just one of those fun things they do for Motor Shows to get attention, while the Cube model looks almost exactly like the gas-powered Nissan Cube that sells in Japan now, and is very popular.

  4. guy_jin says:

    I often wish some of these concept cars actually made it onto the streets.

    The world would be a more interesting place, at least.

  5. Bloodboiler says:

    Compare those to what Tesla Motors has in the works.

    Question 1: Which company is seriously planning to sell electric cars?

    Question 2: Why is the other company and most of its rivals employing only mentally challenged designers to their electric car teams?

  6. fatbactory says:

    If that was green it would look a little bit like Homer Simpson’s dream car

  7. Owen says:

    The Pivo should go over well with the Czechs, who will know it as The Beer.

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