Wiibrator Link is exactly what it sounds like it might be

The Wii's reputation as a game console for the rest of us grows larger with the latest third-party controller, which looks for all the world like a big white cucumber. Named the "WiibratorLink," its purpose is self-explanatory – it's just like those neck massagers found in ladies' direct-sales catalogs. Perfect for playing Super Mario Brothers under unusual circumstances. Source [Slashdong via Gizmodo]

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5 Responses to Wiibrator Link is exactly what it sounds like it might be

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the Wiigina?

  2. Jenonymous says:

    I shudder to think where they’d put the nunchuck extension….

  3. gilowyn says:

    Man, I thought my N64 would still do… but now that I see this (and the hulahoop playgirl model), I really, really want a Wii…

    By the way, my mom once bought one of those neck massage thingies. Because she had pain in her neck. And I actually believe her that that is all she ever used it for…

  4. mdhatter says:

    Can’t you play Wii games online, er, head to head?

  5. Moon says:

    From the website:

    The prophecies of a million video game webcomics, realized.


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