Retroscope: hand-cranked flip book

Dug North uncovered these neat "Retroscopes," hand-cranked flip books that endless repeat a short animated scene. They're created by Joe Freedman as part of the Sarabande Press. They do appear to be for sale, but it looks like you have to call or email to get a quote for custom work. Product Page [ via]
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2 Responses to Retroscope: hand-cranked flip book

  1. Dug North says:

    I received a Retroscope of my own today and it does not disappoint! The box is sturdy, the handle and axle are nice laser cut wood, and the action is very smooth. It also makes a satisfying whirring/clicking sound when you run the movie — like playing cards in bicycle spokes. This is a truly well designed motion-graphic device.


    Dug North

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Perhaps a good MAKE project there too…

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