Lenovo X200: eminently sensible, thin, cheaper than an Air

Lenovo's newest ThinkPad, the X200, manages to take the same measurements of the MacBook Air's magazine thinness and optically bloat it to look dictonary thick. The culprit's the timeless and turgid Lenovo design, which is just eminently sensible looking, if completely outmoded. Otherwise, a very nice, capable little laptop, if you can suck in the inelegant ThinkPad design suppository. The X200 packs an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, weighs a little under three pounds, has a 12.2-inch LCD, and comes standard with either a 320GB hard drive or a 64GB SSD. Ultimately, if you want a computer as light and thin as a MacBook Air, but don't care about OS X or aluminum svelteness, the $1,199 going price is appetizing. It should be released in August. Lenovo x200 [Yahoo!] Update: Laptop Mag really loves the X200! And had a better image.
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19 Responses to Lenovo X200: eminently sensible, thin, cheaper than an Air

  1. ztunji says:

    I don’t think that’s an x200 in the picture – the x200 doesn’t have a trackpad. That’s good for me – one less thing to disable before the lappy is useful. My lazy thumbs play havoc on t-pads while I type, and after a trackpoint you’ll never go back.

  2. Evil Jim says:

    My first laptop (& computer) for that matter was a nice little IBM Thinkpad. After having a desktop PC for years I’m finally in the market for a new Lappy & I think it’s going to be another ThinkPad.

    I could never stand touchpads either. It’s like using a mouse on a table that’s only three inches square. Useless to me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Too bad: I enjoyed it more when the laptop was going to be sensible right away.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thinkpads have the advantage over most laptops..

    * Trackpoint. Faster and more accurate to use.
    * A keyboard that’s easy to type on.
    * Durable.
    * Better customer service/repair turnaround.

    Sure, it’s plain, black, and boring. But it gets the job done. And most thieves won’t even give it a second look. Instead, they’ll head straight to the shiniest and prettiest laptop they see in the coffee shop.

    My Thinkpad T30 is still running strong. Running the Ubuntu live CD went fine and it recognized all the hardware. I’ll eventually install it and dual boot with Windows.

  5. 2ds says:

    ooh baby x300, want!
    I have to agree with you #8 and #11
    perhaps I just have fat hands but I don’t understand how someone can type effectivly on a laptop with a trackpad.

  6. Javier Candeira says:

    If Batman had a laptop, he would have a Thinkpad. And you know I am talking about the Christian Bale Batman, not the George Clooney Batman.

    Michael Keaton Batman would carry a Wall Street or Pismo Powerbook, though.

  7. icky2000 says:

    I have the X60s that preceded this model which is the same size and weight and looks identical to the one pictured here though I understand the new screen is slightly better. The integrated graphics and lack of optical drive mean it won’t be a great primary machine but if you want a super light laptop with good battery life, this is an excellent choice. I’ve had mine for 2+ years and I love it.

  8. cha0tic says:

    It’s Black. I like it.

    What is this track point of which you speak? Do you mean the ‘clit’?

    (I gave my pal an old thinkpad I had. I wonder if he uses it? I wonder if he’ll let me have it back?)

  9. M says:

    The looks are one of the two reasons (the other being the indestructible case) I bought my Thinkpad. It’s basic black, and has no bling to look out of date. Its detailing harks back to John Deere’s tractors, and it runs like one, too.

    If you want bling, there are plenty of choices, but they don’t have steel hinges, and they don’t survive drops like mine has. I had blingtops, too–one a year for years, since my Toshiba T1000; they don’t last.

  10. The Lizardman says:

    I still miss the trackpoint on my old Dell inspiron from 2000 which now still works nicely as my experimental linux machine but lacks the hardware I need on a regular basis.

    I’d gladly pay a premium for the option to remove touchpads and add trackpoints if manufacturers would offer it.

  11. enolagray says:

    What are you on and through which orifice are you ingesting it? They make a sturdy line of machines that can survive the mobile life. Some of us can’t get a reviewer’s freebie whenever their latest tinkertoy breaks down.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, I could never use that laptop. It doesn’t appear to be thin. My laptops must not only be lightweight and thin, but they must appear to be thin.”

    Do you guys use them, or, Idunno, just leave them on a shelf and admire them?

  12. Gloria says:

    Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean.

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  14. strider_mt2k says:

    enolagray makes a very good point.

  15. ornith says:

    I’ve got a Thinkpad T61 widescreen, and I love it. Solid case, disc protection features, multiple wireless antennas, nice keyboard, nipple with the ability to turn off the damn trackpad, and best price for the power (slightly better than HP – I looked at those – and WAY better than Mac). Mine was designed as a desktop-replacement with a gaming video card, and it does a great job of it (at the expense of weight and battery life, but that’s always the tradeoff, regardless of brand). And yes, I love that it’s BLACK. I hate the white-and-candy-color, curved edges Mac look – I want a MACHINE, not a child’s toy.

  16. jitrobug says:

    I used to think shiny curvy plastic looked good, and then had to deal with HP customer support..

    Now I look at the titanium hinges, and I feel all warm inside.

    Also, look at all of those buttons.

    3 on the top, two on the bottom.

    (I kind of wonder if wanting a thinkpad since the design was fresh and new, and finally getting one a year or so ago is why I think they’re so pretty.. it’s like being able to have a classic car with a new interior and engine)

  17. Anonymous says:

    Do you mean “eminently”?

  18. The Lizardman says:

    Beauty as always is in the eye of the beholder but there is a trend (not just here) for many people who laud apple products (and yes, they are generally sexy) to boast form over function in order to criticize other products and this is just another example.

    I begin to think that if someone produced a full functioned portable device that ran on good intentions and was free to all it would immediately be panned for not looking as nice as an air or iphone

  19. John Brownlee says:

    Christ, everyone’s nailing me on this one, deservedly. The “eminently” mistake is particularly embarrassing. Go easy on me, though: I’ve been sick.

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