Zing! spoon tries to perfect the art of food catapulting

A spoon designed for food flinging. At $9.95, a wonderful idea, right? But look at that piece of broccoli. On a regular spoon, the catapult would snap to a halt thanks to the rigidity of the handle. But when you replace the handle of a spoon with a spring, the spoon head just keeps going... in this case, stopping only when it hurtles into your knuckle, bursting it like a cartilaginous, fluid-filled blister. It appears that the common spoon is already the perfectly designed food catapult. As all kids knew deep down in their souls anyway. Zing! Spoon - A Utensil for Flinging Food [Spoon Sisters]
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6 Responses to Zing! spoon tries to perfect the art of food catapulting

  1. Trnck says:

    You have to see this comic.


    Oh noes! Escalation of the food wars. Next we’ll have steam powered souffle trebuchets and nuclear cream pie launchers.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    Funny they’ll spring Broccoli, but no one ever wants to spring for dessert. L(

  4. Chevan says:

    That problem could easily be fixed with a piece of metal acting as a stop for the spring.

  5. BethanyAnne says:

    Again, a direct link to Fred.


  6. Marley9 says:

    Physics, Mr. Brownless, physics. Knuckles are completely safe. As Mr. Little say, Technique!

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