Floating Media Drawer from West Elm

West Elm, sort of a slightly upscale IKEA variant from the same people who own Williams-Sonoma, sells these potentially handy "Floating Drawers" in three different veneers for $130. They're just a single drawer in a self-contained box, but they're simple, attractive, and could be a much better addition to add more storage space instead of buying a whole new desk. Product Page [WestElm.com via Apartment Therapy]
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7 Responses to Floating Media Drawer from West Elm

  1. machinelf says:

    Um, it’s a BOX.

  2. agntdrake says:

    Since when is West Elm considered expensive? Check out Design Within Reach (www.dwr.com) if you want to see ridiculous prices for modern furniture. West Elm seems to be priced somewhere in the middle between IKEA and Room & Board, although that’s a little unfair since Room & Board doesn’t flat pack their furniture.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bought a few of these and it has its pros and cons. I stacked them to create a nightstand, and the result is much cheaper than if I had purchased an actual nightstand at West Elm. While they may appear expensive, in reality these pieces come pre assembled with mitered seamless corners and joints. Simply remove from the box and enjoy. Because it doesn’t suffer from the misaligned slabs and visible screws of most “assembly required” furniture, the drawers appear much more expensive than they actually are. No one is going to confuse this with Ikea.

    The downside is the drawer slides. They stick and aren’t as smooth as they should be. Because these are, strictly speaking, only drawers, there really is no excuse for not getting the slides right. I am considering replacing the slides myself with something that will leave the drawers functioning as well as they look.

    Note to West Elm: Ikea has self closing dampered drawer slides now. Your price point can be higher, but at least keep up with the technology employed by your cheaper rival!

  4. bardfinn says:

    $130.00 for a drawer!

    60 lunches versus a drawer!

  5. milovoo says:

    I wish IKEA would copy West Elm a little more closely sometimes, because even though I know it’s seriously overpriced, I still have several of their large furniture items.

  6. Jake0748 says:

    Also, doesn’t really look like it’s floating. Just kind-of sitting there.

  7. Moon says:

    Hahahaha! So much for THAT product. NOBODY likes it, so far.

    It’s just that orange thing on top, right?

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