Sony invites all-comers to "Graphic Splash" contest

Graphic Splash is Sony's lineup of art-slathered notebooks, and it's the company's single coolest project going. It's teaming up with Microsoft to find new designs for the series, and is inviting "consumers" to send in their creations.
Starting today through Aug. 10, 2008, budding designers can submit their proposed designs online at along with a photo of themselves and a brief message revealing their “style.”
That they can't get through their own pitch without putting "style" in scare quotes betrays a certain cynicism, yes, but they'll be selecting three entries to become real-life limited edition laptops. That's money where its mouth is, even if you won't be getting any. CALLING ALL FASHIONISTAS: SONY AND MICROSOFT LAUNCH “MY GRAPHIC SPLASH” PC CONTEST [Sony]

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4 Responses to Sony invites all-comers to "Graphic Splash" contest

  1. chrisabraham says:

    I hope they have some legalese that explicitly states that the Splash is not waterproof. Seems like one may assume a shower- and bath-ready notebook from the name.

  2. Jake0748 says:

    Why would any artist worth their salt give away their word to a crapass company like Sony?

  3. Jake0748 says:

    Damn!… once again ruined my own rant. I meant to say “work” not “word”.

  4. beejamin says:

    Cheaper than paying actual designers, I suppose. is a really good read on why designers should shun this bollocks.

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