Sesame Street does Feist's iPod Nano song

Nothing can transform an innately lovely song into something cloying, pretentious and loathsome as quickly as that song being showcased in an Apple commercial. Feist's "1, 2, 3, 4" is just such: a once gorgeous, toe-tapping melody driven with infinite repetition through my ear canal and into my brain until it took on the jaw-slackening, headache-inducing quality of home trephination. I'm sure you know what I mean. Apple excels at this. But Feist just redeemed herself in my eyes. Her appearance on Sesame Street is just adorable. The lyrics of "1, 2, 3, 4" are tweaked simply enough to be about monsters, penguins and vacationing chickens, but Feist still gives it her all. Better yet: she actually looks like she'd rather be dancing and singing with muppets than doing an iPod commercial. And, really, who wouldn't? After watching this, I actually like her song again. Watch for Feist's squeal of delight at the very last second of the video, when she thinks the take's over. If your heart doesn't melt, you're a monster... and not the Muppet kind. Okay. Fine, Feist. I forgive you for selling out, baby. Now come over here and give me and Grover a snuggle. Feist on Sesame Street [YouTube]
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29 Responses to Sesame Street does Feist's iPod Nano song

  1. mistercharlie says:

    I’ve long been hot for Feist, and now my fetish for Furries has been satisfied in THE SAME VIDEO.

    Thanksyou, Sesame Street, thankyou. I now need to clean my bear suit.

  2. se7a7n7 says:

    That’s was awesome.

  3. eustace says:

    BOTH videos were fun – but the Sesame St. one just MAKES you dance along!
    The song she sings on the Colbert show; what a high wire act! She has a lot of confidence in her voice.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Remember when people listened to and formed opinions of music based on how it sounded? Good times.

  5. oscar says:

    I don’t know why you’re so annoyed by the apple ad when it’s the actual video for her song. Is it guilt by association?

    In any case, you should watch the full (original) video, which has some wonderful choreography.

  6. JDspeeder1 says:

    My faith in humanity is restored.

  7. slida says:

    Apple: Hey Feist, we’d like to feature your song and video in a commercial that will be seen by 100 million people, oh, and here’s a pile of money.

    Feist: No thanks, that would damage my indie credibility. I prefer semi-obscurity and my small, but loyal, fanbase.

  8. mdhatter says:

    I’m with #21, I had no idea the song had been overplayed. Some of you watch too much Tee Vee, or just too many apple ads (yes, i know, same thing).

    as for the Muppets video – SQUEEEEEE!

  9. bardfinn says:

    1, 2, 3, 4 Gadget Bloggers going “Oh!”

    (I wish my brain would stop filking.)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow. You’re incredibly creepy.

  11. SeppTB says:

    Pretty good stuff. I wonder how The Count feels for being entirely left out of this skit, when, ya know, counting is his thing.

  12. VSC says:

    It’s funny you post about this, I also used to just feel the same way. What redeemed her in my eyes was her appearance on The Colbert Report.

    Video on Comedy Central’s Website

    At the end of the video is the option of watching a video of her performance on the show, which is worth watching if for no other reason than to see Stephen Colbert in the blue sequined outfit. (And the song’s really nice too.)

  13. Marley9 says:

    How mucha you wanna bet that @pple fully new that this song was going on Sesame Street and deviously chose the song to gain subconscious access to pre-pre-pubescent children…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone hear about her getting US citizenship out of the Apple deal? Of course you did, everyone watches that show… Anyway, if you like Feist but don’t like selling out to shinny things, check out The Finches. They be good.

    – A

  15. John Brownlee says:

    @1: Coincidentally enough, the last person who said that to me was Feist! I was in her shrubberies at the time. Are you her? Why haven’t you responded to the messages I wrote on baby kittens and hurled through your window from a court-ordered 500 meters? Did you move? No matter – I have your IP address now. Don’t move! I’m coming to be with you, baby!

  16. Ahoj says:

    yeah, I stayed away from feist for a long time because of the apple ad, but then I stole the album and love it dearly.
    I then bought the album on vinyl.

    and the muppets version is just way to cute for words.

    and if anyone ever forgot what kind of world the internet breads John Brownlee reminded us @ #5
    makes me think of the crazy cat lady from the simpsons.

  17. Joe Max says:

    I saw Feist’s show in Berkeley last night, and in the middle of “1-2-3-4″ she looked out into the crowd and sang something like (this is from memory):

    There’s some guy and he’s waving,
    An iPod Nano,
    Which will follow me the rest of my life…

    Though at the end, she said, “hey, I didn’t mean anything bad about the Nano, you know… I love those guys…”

    Yes, don’t make Steve angry… you wouldn’t like Steve when he’s angry…

  18. lectroid says:

    This is cute, and the REM vid is certainly up there, but there ain’t NOTHING that beats this:

    for Sesame Street Videos.

    Live. Full of funk. Check out the kid in the red up on the balcony. The music has possessed him. oh yes.

  19. Ahoj says:

    @16, I am to please

  20. Hanglyman says:

    Wow, Sesame Street is a lot different now than in the 80s… check out that fancy overhead camerawork.

  21. John Brownlee says:

    @7: Funny you mention that. The camera work really did impress me in this one. It’s like the opening minutes of “Touch of Evil” but in Sesame Street!

  22. Tensegrity says:

    I thought she really went downhill after Krondor.

  23. colonel gentleman says:

    #6, you hit the trifecta of preciousness!

    Avoided due to Apple Affiliation.

    Stole album.

    Bought on the only pure medium, vinyl.

    We are all very impressed.

  24. themindfantastic says:

    The original Feist apple ad was played to death, but it did get me to buy a 3g-nano 4gig, of which I haven’t been disappointed with so I guess its okay. But being asked to show up on Sesame St well… turning that down makes the baby monsters cry… and no one wants the baby monsters to cry.

  25. semiotix says:

    Pretty good, but still not quite at the level of R.E.M.’s “Furry Happy Monsters,” complete with a bouffant-ed Kate Pierson stand-in muppet.

  26. Foolster41 says:

    Wow. the 2nd video is cute.

    Yeah, I really don’t like apple either. Their products are nice, but their always so smarmy in their ads. We get it Steve Jobs! You and the people who use your products are better than us!

    the only ad I liked was the Air one with the envelope, it had a catchy song.

  27. gdholtby says:

    This is the kind of the thing where I’m glad I don’t have a TV. I completely missed out on seeing the Apple ads, so I wouldn’t even have known this song was “spoiled” even people hadn’t kept telling me it was.

  28. ianm says:

    @#3 posted by VSC

    That is one of my top two favorite musical appearances on a TV show of all time, she’s just gorgeous and soulful with Stephen (the other being Eryka Badu on the Chappelle Show, also glorious).

    My main reaction to the video however, is the quantum leap in cinematography at Sesame Street since I was a child.

  29. flwombat says:

    Yes, being on Sesame Street redeems Feist from the terrible awful Apple ad. Like many others, that Apple ad made me so angry I almost couldn’t stop puking while I ran out to buy that Feist album.

    I’ll bet Feist rues the day she allowed her precious music to be used in a way that brought her to the attention of millions of people, turned her into a household name, and made her a bunch of money. Like all right-thinking people, I only like my artists starving.

    You freaking weenies.

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