Video: Mapping Thom Yorke's head into an augmented reality

The folks at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics are having a lot of fun with that Radiohead data that was released. Above, an augmented reality version of Thom Yorke's head mapped onto the album cover displayed on an iPhone. Perfectly useless and delightful! Some more fun, as sent in by the institute: Yorke's singing head rendered on their Multi-Touch Heyewall 2.0 in a 8160 x 4000 pixel resolution in real-time and his virtual head shot and atomized.
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9 Responses to Video: Mapping Thom Yorke's head into an augmented reality

  1. Joel Johnson says:

    Post-processing, folks!

  2. zikman says:

    I think I said “wtf is that” about seven times while watching the video


  3. Enochrewt says:

    I think you need to repost that IQ test site that says BB readers are among the the smartest groups. I need to feel better about myself right now.

  4. scaught says:

    Displayed on an iphone or projected out of an iphone or ? What the hell am I seeing?

  5. things says:

    wow, I was wondering what kind of cool stuff you could do with those released 3D face data. Awesome.

  6. Enochrewt says:

    This “projection” seems to break the laws of physics.

  7. Rob Beschizza says:

    Composites, people, composites!

  8. pork musket says:

    Cool stuff. Makes me think of the Jaws ad from Back to the Future II, which makes me realize that 2015 isn’t going to be nearly as awesome as I was led to believe as a child.

  9. michael05 says:

    It’s really real-time! No post production. It’s not rendered by the iPhone but on the iPhone.

    Our software ( tracks the image displayed on the iPhone and renders the 3D model at that position. That works similar to old-school marker-tracking ( but with pictures instead black&white stickers.

    Originally we are using that technology for industry projects and in cultural heritage:

    Here is some further information:

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