RFID helps kitchen helper robots help you

The "Assistive Kitchen" robot picks up the dishes and takes them to the wash, thanks in large part to RFID sensors built into the plates and utensils in Stanford's test kitchen. The team building the robot is also trying to teach it to surf the web to pick up new tricks, as well as self-optimize its routines to minimize the amount of running around it would have to do to pick up the dishes. (Pick up all the plates missing from the cabinet before returning to the dishwasher, for instance.) Robot B21 today — Rosie tomorrow. Robot chef gets a boost from wireless kitchen [New Scientist] (Thanks, Zoe!)
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2 Responses to RFID helps kitchen helper robots help you

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    I don’t know about the home, but this could be very useful in large commercial kitchens.

    RFID-ing your existing wares in a way that can withstand daily use and remain unobtrusive should be another interesting challenge.

  2. T0AD says:

    Just wait until it reaches for the butcher knife and gets all Tonberry on your ass.

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