Scoop Clip scoops from, clips on bags

The "Scoop Clip" is a two-cupped spoon that also doubles as a clip to keep a bag shut tight. (For most of you: coffee; for me: high-quality cocaine-dusted chocolate.) Unlike most products from The Pampered Chef, it's not horrendously over-engineered or -priced. It's a fiver. Product Page [ via Lifehacker via Cool Tools]
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7 Responses to Scoop Clip scoops from, clips on bags

  1. Mycroft says:

    Beats me Deadmeat, but an air tight canister won’t cost you a lot. It might not make a huge difference if you go through coffee that fast, but you might as well keep it as fresh as possible.

  2. airship says:

    “If you stick two things together that have never been stuck together before, some schmuck will buy it!” -George Carlin

  3. Deadmeat says:

    #6 posted by Mycroft

    Thanks for the advice.

    I’ll probably need to pick one up for work, as I just bought one of the French Presses mentioned earlier on the blog this week.

    I don’t plan on going through as much, as I bought some Meth Coffee and I hope it’s as potent as advertized (plus I like Maté anyway)

  4. chrisb says:

    One clip, two cups!

  5. Mycroft says:

    That would be a good product if a paper bag was a good place to store coffee. . .

  6. Deadmeat says:

    #1 posted by airship:

    I own one. It’s nice.

    #3 posted by Mycroft:

    How bad is it if the coffee’s only in there for 3-5 days? My household goes through it really fast lately.

  7. strider_mt2k says:

    What a great idea!

    Figures I just found a coffee scoop that suits me too, durrnit.

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