Two things I learned from the New York Times this morning

First, is huge. "4.4 million people and 40 million page views a month," according to this profile of its founder, Dr. Arnold Kim. Second, that the 75th anniversary edition of Esquire magazine is going to incorporate an honest-to-god battery-powered ePaper cover. Awesome. Bring on the cheap, reusable ePaper magazines!
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6 Responses to Two things I learned from the New York Times this morning

  1. ridestowe says:

    holy shit it’s the future! finally!

  2. Doomstalk says:

    I would totally go for a publication that had the portability of a magazine and the currency of the internet.

  3. Josh Smith says:

    Am I missing when this issue will be out?

    With only 100,000 of the news stand copies having it I am guessing it may be difficult to track down.

    I want to pick one up so I am ready for the first MAKE project from this.

  4. Galoot says:

    Adding Esquire to the Singularity file. WTF?

  5. jjpr says:

    An E Ink display on the cover of a magazine? I can’t wait ’til somebody hacks this. It’ll be better than CueCat and Furby put together.

  6. things says:

    Love the concept, too bad it’s heavily un-sustainable.

    “The batteries and the display case are manufactured and put together in China. They are shipped to Texas and on to Mexico, where the device is inserted by hand into each magazine. The issues will then be shipped via trucks, which will be refrigerated to preserve the batteries, to the magazine’s distributor in Glazer, Ky.”


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