Creative Zen Mosaic: Mondrian MP3 Monstrosity

The iPod's design is so iconic, so ineffably tangled with consumer's notions of what an MP3 player should look like, that every competing DAP — desperate not to look like a touchwheel also-ran — ends up looking weird, like a mutant humanoid imagined from a cellular silicon structure. Creative's new Zen Mosaic looks odder than most, though: a Mondrian monstrosity, its branding accurate only if mosaics can be comprised entirely of 20 cheap rubber buttons... only nine of which are functional! A shame, since if that front grid was a single conjoined mosaic of brushed metal, I think this would probably look rather striking. Features are typical: 1.8-inch display, 2 - 8GB capacities, FM tuner, MP3 / WAV/ WMA / AUdible support. It also apparently includes built-in speakers, which is rather nice. Currently only slated for Singapore, they should creep to American shores at some point, without topping $200. Creative Zen Mosaic [Creative via Epicenter]
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6 Responses to Creative Zen Mosaic: Mondrian MP3 Monstrosity

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would agree with #3 & #5 above. The whole iPod epidemic is VERY overrated! I prefer freedom of choice, and I don’t feel I have much choice when it comes to iPod and iTunes. I would gladly take the Zen Mozaic’s “Mondrian MP3 Monstrosity” over the iPod Monarchy any day!

  2. mistervega says:

    um, appears more tetris-like and less mondrian-ish.

  3. John Brownlee says:

    It doesn’t at all.

  4. scartol says:

    I actually think it looks rather nifty. External speakers are a plus.

  5. arkizzle says:

    #2 agreed, but wish I was as flamboyantly succinct as you :)

  6. Daemon says:

    ipod design = overrated

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