Dell E becomes the Mini Inspiron, rumorous specs "leaked"

Brazilian tech rumor site Zumo seem pretty sure they've got the inside scoop on the stats for Dell's new mini-note netbook, the Dell E. The price point of the E has been widely rumored to be $299 and Zumo sticks with that, so what will you be getting for your triplicate of jowled Benjamins? A lot more than you're getting in most competing netbooks, it seems. Zumo claims that the E will feature a 1.6GHz Intel Atom, 1GB of RAM, an Intel 945 Express Graphics Chipset, 8GB SSD, Wi-Fi, a memory card reader (mais natch) and an implausible 1240x600 (probably 1024x600) resolution. It will also run an unspecified version of Linux... hopefully Ubuntu, but that's just my own speculation-slash-wishful-thinking based on Dell's healthy relationship with Canonical. Those $299 specs are a backboard breaking slam dunk for Dell in the netbook market if true. But also interesting is that Zumo claims the Dell E is now née: it will be shipped as the Mini Inspiron. Yes, it's a typical Dell name — utterly bereft of imagination — but anything was better than E, short of the Dell Fff. Dell Mini Inspiron specs [Zumo via Gizmodo] * - I still rather like the term "mini-notebooks" to refer to Eee-class machines, but the rest of gadget blogdom seems to have gravitated to "netbook" and I've finally been dragged kicking and screaming and sliding floor splinters under my fingernails into the new Newspeak.
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7 Responses to Dell E becomes the Mini Inspiron, rumorous specs "leaked"

  1. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Dell might be renaming the ‘E’ the ‘inspiron mini’ – try searching for either term on their website…

  2. nprnncbl says:


  3. nkylmaoja says:

    #1 anon

    I already had the Acer Aspire One (if that’s what you mean) and replaced and finally returned it within a day. The whine from the fan bugged the hell out of me (affects some Aspire 1s, not all) especially since it was obvious in both i tried. My current lappie is a nice 12″ model that’s specced much better, but only weighs 1,7kg. I’ll happily keep on lugging that until these “netbooks” cost 200€, the maximum I’ll pay for a gadget like this.

  4. allan says:

    boo! i was all psyched to get one of these because the name made me think of wall-e. dell just lost itself one sale.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The important question is “what’s the release date?”.

    I am looking at the Acer, release date some time next month in the UK, so if this is in the next month or so it is worth waiting.

  6. Matthew Miller says:

    It’s pretty, but shame about the touchpad instead of a pointer stick for input. And really, 600 pixels high is annoying. (I’ll keep my five-year-old Vaio U101 until I can get a replacement with at least equal resolution.)

    As for running Ubuntu: well, maybe. I’d like it to run something that works with the stock Linux kernel without wacky out-of-tree drivers patched in. So, it’d be reassuring to see it run Fedora.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You can find about a dozen pictures and all the specs for the Dell E and the Slim.

    I still prefer Dell E or Dell Mini.
    Dell Mini-Inspiron is just too much of a mouthful.

    Ive read that they would also ship a similar instant-on quick bootup but most importantly they will be using the Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

    Ubuntu is not my distro of choice but I’d love for Dell to get all the small little annoying driver problems taken care of.

    Linux will never gain traction by installing the OS yourself. Rather, it will be a player when manufacturers have it pre-installed and tested.

    Last year, Dell announced its Ideastorm site and became the first manufacturer to offer (albeit modestly at first) Linux pre-installed.
    By the end of this year, 20 manufacturers will offer some variant of Linux.

    Let the games begin.

    PS” My wife loves her friends HP Mininote but no way is she paying 799$ when we have a good laptop.
    $299 is another story.
    Its almost an impulse buy at that price.
    I would feel much better carrying it around my gym back and leaving it in the car than my 2000$ laptop. I always am weary of bringing it with me at a cafe.
    $300 is the how much my last speeding ticket was.
    I can live with losing/damaging it at that price.

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