Photos of labs at night

A gorgeous gallery of labs at night, photographed by Noah Kalina for Seed Magazine. Sub-aqueously darting zebra fish, oneiric LED gloamings, the Nodful hums of the server rack, a single robot shouting "BLEEP BLEEP!" during a dream of electric bleatings. Labs at Night [Seed via Gadget Lab]
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3 Responses to Photos of labs at night

  1. arkizzle says:

    Das BlinkenPorn?

  2. Moon says:

    Way back in the 70s, I worked night shift in a Counting Lab for radioactive samples.

    I used to turn the lights out for an hour or so every once in a while because it was so cool looking.

  3. jelloegg says:

    I wonder if it looks like this at the lab where my dad works.

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