Asus announced "whole-day" batteries for the Eee

According to Digitimes Asus is planning on pushing out an Eee netbook with "whole-day" battery life. The quotes make that sound like a crazy euphemism, but if it's even a third of a day, that could reinvigorate my interest in Eee's oversaturated line of mini-notes. That is one area that the netbook market has failed to deliver: they've got size down, even features, but they just keep on gimping these on the juice. If there's only one netbook on the market with eight hours of battery to it, the other features don't matter: that's the one I'm going to buy. Also mentioned is internet storage. That's a fantastic idea for this niche. 120GB hard drives in netbooks are stupid. Asustek to extend battery life and storage capacity [Digitimes]
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5 Responses to Asus announced "whole-day" batteries for the Eee

  1. TheDude06 says:

    I have a laptop with a 20h battery! A sony vaio picturebook C1VN. The extended battery is roughly the size of the whole laptop, which isnt all that big. Youll remember the picturebook as “that crazy ultra widescreen” laptop. It also had a transmeta crusoe CPU (100% pentium compatable)

    If it werent for its troubles with linux power managment, it would still be my primary workstation. truly an amazing machine.

  2. tomioka says:

    You write:
    If there’s only one netbook on the market with eight hours of battery to it, the other features don’t matter: that’s the one I’m going to buy.

    The question is, how do you define “netbook”?

    If you include ultra portable notebooks, maybe you should have a look at the Panasonic Toughbook CF-W5 – which comes in a version with 10h battery life. It also has two other extremely rare features. No fan (so no annoying fan noise ever) and a low 1.3kg weight, so you can carry it with you all the time everywhere. And it can be bought at a semi-reasonable price, now that the new W7-series is out…

  3. Tubman says:

    John, isn’t this just a re-wording of the specs for the existing Eee 1000? The specs already claim “up to 8 hours” of battery life, and “20GB file-encrypted Eee Storage with 5GB worth of downloads per day”.

  4. CreativeEmbassy says:

    My work laptop (Dell) has an extra battery for it; when needed for big trips, I pop out the CD drive and put the battery in there; this gives me at least 10 hours when I don’t need the brightness turned up. And it’s a fully featured laptop; not sure why it’s so hard to find one with a decent battery life… look harder? :-p

  5. mdhatter says:

    #3 – that’s a good idea. I find I have little use for an optical drive on a notebook anyhow. On a sub-notebook, even less so.

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