Video: Rush plays Rock Band

Swoon. [via Kotaku]
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8 Responses to Video: Rush plays Rock Band

  1. BethanyAnne says:

    I love it. At the very end you can hear Geddy Lee say “I’m gonna go join another band”. Hehehe

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Am I the only one who thought Limbaugh for a moment?

    Wow, really Rush. That’s pretty cool!

    Who cares if they didn’t do well, it’s awesome that they were willing to do it at all!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is Viacom providing that embed now? Because I don’t want to be pulled into any witch hunt they are having with YouTube, just because someone is giving them free publicity.

  4. 68flh says:

    So do you guys understand now that “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” are meaningless crap? The band that WROTE the song and can actually PLAY it on REAL(tm) musical instruments “failed” to play their own song.
    Put down your idiotic fake computer “instruments” and get a real one and actually learn to play it. It’s a LOT more fun than imitating real musicians! And it gets you out from behind the computer for a while, and you can interact with some other real musicians.
    At the very least, they should design the video games so that they actually teach you to put your fingers on the controller/instrument in the correct places to really play the song. Why spend hours teaching your fingers meaningless patterns, when the same amount of time and discipline would make you into a guitarist?

    • Joel Johnson says:

      As a guitarist and a gamer I find this whole attitude to be hilariously misguided. I could spend months improving my guitar skills, put together a band, and then get on stage in front of thousands of people…or I could just enjoy myself playing this stuff at home with my friends for a few hours.

      Why does that get under your skin so much, 68flh? I don’t yell at you for not being able to fix my toilet after you’ve played a few hours of Super Mario Bros..

  5. semiotix says:

    Oh wow. That was great.

    I don’t think I’ve ever understood the word “bemused” until I saw Neil Peart in that video. He had the bemusement of twenty men.

  6. artbot says:

    I have now seen it all and am done with the internets.

    That, officially, contains the most win and the most fail in any video evar!

  7. Marty says:

    It looks like Alex Lifeson tries to apply a little vibrato to the cheesy Rock Band guitar. That must have been a frustrating experience for all but Getty Lee.

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