Video: Zune Tattoo Guy's weary goodbye

Yes, he was an idiot to get a tattoo of a product logo, but I really do feel sorry for this guy all the same. He seems to be taking it all pretty hard. Zune Guy, do yourself a favor a get off the internet for a while. Take a breather.
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8 Responses to Video: Zune Tattoo Guy's weary goodbye

  1. el_beardo says:

    even Jobs’ “NeXT” would’ve been a better idea.

  2. SamF says:

    Is it too late for me to get a “Zune Guy” tattoo?

  3. jonathon212 says:

    Microsoft should have called it the Edsel. Everytime MS comes out with hardware it sucks.

  4. Thaddeus Smith says:

    “i realize now i’m a dumbass and picked the wrong media player for fan-boy antics. tune in next month when i cover my zune tat with the apple logo”

    …or at least, that’s what he SHOULD have said.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    Don’t cry over anything that can’t cry over you.

  6. Nimicohgr says:

    No Zune, no cry.

  7. jennfrank says:

    Jesus. I’m so relieved I didn’t get that Sony Mylo tattoo.

  8. jbang says:

    I hope he’ll do us all a favour. I’m trying really hard not to be mean to this guy, and it’ll be nice when I don’t have to, as he’s not doing naff things and shoving them in everyone’s faces.

    Or, bloggers shoving it in my face. I’m at a loss as to who to blame.

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