Thermaltake makes CPU coolers into objets d'art

The Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler goes for $60, with a 12 volt fan and speeds of between 1,300 and 2,000 RPM. But that's not why it gets posted. It gets posted because it looks just like a cyborg's set of coppery accordion lungs. Thermaltake [Official Site via DVICE]
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3 Responses to Thermaltake makes CPU coolers into objets d'art

  1. strommsarnac says:

    I’ve had this cooler on my MSI P3 Plat with Q6600 gaming PC since last August. I don’t have anything bad to say about it. Highest my CPU has ever hit is 47c. That was on a stress test pushing all four cores, RAM and GPU to %100 for over 12 hours at 80f room temp.

    Stopping the stress test, the CPU dropped to 32c in less than 15 minutes (I checked at 5, 10 and 15).

    I’ve tried other coolers, even the best that Tomshardware had in their test and non of them came within 5c at load. I play a lot of games on my system and even with Crysis maxed out to a crawl, I never got above 44c.

    Not to mention you can easily find this cooler for under $50us depending on the week.

    Haven’t cut myself. It’s not THAT tall. In my case, the top of the V is about even with the HDD cage. About an inch from the side panel.

    Also, my case (Antec P180) has a fan hole on the top towards the back. Because of this I have the V1’s fan blowing towards that hole (top of case) not towards the back side as most people would mount it.


    I have to wonder if that will move enough BTUs to heat sink a 50 watt audio amp chip. I think a Gainclone chip amp made with this for a heat sink would be badass.

  3. mightymouse1584 says:

    mine looks like a butterfly. its purdy

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