Next iPod Nano to have Zune-like dimensions?

iLounge reports the new iPod Nano 4G will totally throw out the squat dwarfism of the current Nano design to fit in 1.5:1 widescreen screen like on an iPhone or Touch. That's a bummer: I actually love the current Nano, finding it a perfect compromise between complete pocketability and a full-featured MP3 player that can handle video. iPod Nano 4G a Zune-Alike [iLounge]
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7 Responses to Next iPod Nano to have Zune-like dimensions?

  1. Anonymous says:

    It looks like the iPod Mini, and thank goodness. That was a great design, so great that the Zune copied it.

  2. Latente says:

    i lol’d

    all the glory to the iZune.

  3. crby35 says:

    Nice iPod mini. Is that considered retro design or not since it’s only been 4 years…

  4. Jack says:

    So the Nano becomes the Mini?

    Please tell me they will still make Shuffles. That’s the best one there is.

  5. booticon says:

    “Next iPhone Nano”, eh? :P

  6. Nicksy says:

    You are dead wrong Mr. Occasional BoingBoing poster… the new dimensions are a mistake. The “gum wrapper” style nano make for much better pockatability, as well as hand-holding navagation. The only advantage of the square is larger screen size, which is negligible considering how small both screens are.

  7. John Brownlee says:

    I hate it when you guys make me look like the idiot I am. Fixing!

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