FCC casts withering look at Comcast, warns of wrist slap next time

The FCC has voted. No punishment for Comcast, but marching orders. Reuters:
Comcast Corp has been ordered to change how it manages its broadband network after U.S. communications regulators concluded some of its tactics unreasonably restrict Internet users who share movies and other material.
There are no fines, but it ordered the company to stop impeding data that crosses its network, to keep the FCC informed of what it's been doing, and to notify customers about future network management practices. FCC orders Comcast to alter network management [Reuters]

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3 Responses to FCC casts withering look at Comcast, warns of wrist slap next time

  1. semiotix says:

    Ah, but you see, the wrist-slap they will imagine is that much more terrifying than the wrist-slap they’d get.

    Or something.

  2. Enochrewt says:

    As long as Comcast does the things that the FCC told them to do (informing customers and not impeding data), I’m fine with this outcome. It’s all I wanted from Comcast as a customer anyway.

  3. Thaddeus Smith says:

    there’s been talk about the FCC’s ability to legally enforce such things ..and so I have to ask:

    why are they even hearing/ruling on such issues if they lack the legal clout to enforce? horse and pony show?

    please help me be better informed, b/c it’s just not making sense.

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