GoBidet: simple pump for a simple rump

Japan's robo-toilets are legendary, and indeed models like the Toto Washlet offer top-quality anus-hosing action. (Although their real strength is the hot air drier.) But importing one costs at least $500 — more if you want the hot air flap chapper — and they're unsightly, ruining the simple lines of a toilet and making it feel like you're taking a dump in a refrigerator. Consider instead the "GoBidet", an elegantly simple chrome unit that fastens to the side of your existing toilet. A small handle moves its spigot into place — "In the pipe, five-by-five" — while another turns on the water. (This water should be warm if you want to experience all a bidet has to offer.) You'll forgo the hot air drier, but your bathroom won't look like an appliance store, either. Best of all, it's available for just $115 from many suppliers. The below video shows the GoBidet in action (sans user) as well as basic installation.
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12 Responses to GoBidet: simple pump for a simple rump

  1. pauldrye says:

    taking a dump in a refrigerator

    Oh, come on now! I only do this when I’m drunk, OK? Or if I really need to go.

  2. jbang says:

    Bidets FTW.

    It’s cleaner and more environmentally friendly than pumping papers wads through the system.

    Not to mention the fantastic butt-fresh feeling.

    #4: Werd. Right there with ya buddy.



    Wireless Remote?

    So you can control your toilet from… where, exactly?

  4. Marley9 says:

    I think it should be Chap Flapper as opposed to Flap Chapper. Steamed Starfish anyone?

  5. Anonymous says:

    You don’t need to import Toto Washlets into the US; they’re already available here, with English labels. Also, many of the current models have wireless remotes rather than a side control panel (see totousa.com).


  6. procrastinet says:

    As the proud owner of a Toto Washlet (the basic, non-ass-drying model) – which my wife won through a Time Out New York giveaway – I can vouch for the life-changing effect of a home buttwasher. It’s more awesome than you’d think.

    That said, the real killer app of the Toto is the heated seat. Mmmmmm, heated seat.

    I also like to think the aesthetic is more Star Trek helm than appliance, so if I’m ever heard shouting “make it so!” from my bathroom, that’s what’s up.

  7. kiint says:

    i can’t believe you used an Aliens quote to hype a bidet

  8. Anonymous says:

    ROSSINDETROIT@7, apart from surprising house guests, the wireless remote is just a way to avoid hanging a control panel off the side of the bowl, which some people don’t have room for and others don’t like the looks of.

    What they really need, though, is a holographic, “heads up” display…


  9. Latente says:

    i never understood why in america you don’t have bidet.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A cold-water bidet? No thanks, I prefer warm water :-)

  11. stygyan says:

    Wish I had one of these. It would make sex much more comfortable and easy. Yes, I’m gay.

  12. salsaman says:

    Amazon has a number of washlets from Toto, Brondell, and others, including a $91 “portable washlet” by Toto. Down with paper butt cleaning!

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