Batman-style beer belt doesn’t look marathon-ready


With Balkan dictator Slobodan Milošević now safely dead, the idea of a superhero named “Slob-man” has finally lost its Serbo-nationalistic cachet and returned to its natural linguistic place. This place is best embodied by the Beerbelt from Urban Outfitters, a creation so obviously bad that it can barely be made to hang properly for a professional photo-shoot. Awesomeness overcomes much, however, and I think we can be swayed.

Adam West’s party surprise is yours for $18.

The Beer Belt [Urban Outfitters]

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11 Responses to Batman-style beer belt doesn’t look marathon-ready

  1. zuzu says:

    Titanya: But Duffman, you said if I slept with you I wouldn’t have to touch the drunk!
    Duffman: Duff Man says a lot of things! Oh yeah!

  2. Lagbert says:

    What?!!?!? No built in bottle opener!!!! Typical of urban outfitters – they pretend to be hip and indy, but when it comes to beer they show their true mass produced twist off cap colors.

  3. Lagbert says:

    RE: #3

    There are only a few reasons to carry a lighter:

    You smoke – cancerous and lame!
    You are a 14 year old who thinks it’s cool to play with a zippo – juvenile and lame!
    You are an arsonist – illegal and lame!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wonder who they stole this idea from?

    #2: Right – they expect you to buy a “kitsch” (ie mass-produced crap) GWB talking bottle opener.

  5. hemidemisemiquaver says:

    Psh, bottle opener. Unless you’re totally lame, you’ll just use a lighter to open your beer. Urban Outfitters knows this.


    7.5 lbs. I just weighted a bottle of Great Lakes Brewing Dortmunder Gold on a postal scale. It’s precisely 1.25 lbs, which means if you sling a six of those around your waist you’re hauling seven and a half pounds on your belt.
    I wouldn’t do it.

  7. zuzu says:

    There are only a few reasons to carry a lighter

    Apparently you’ve never:

    * lived in an apartment with a gas stove but broken ignitors

    * gone camping (or even used a fireplace)

    * been interested in making a pass at someone who does smoke

    * set off fireworks

  8. gwizah says:

    This is retarded. Every red blooded ‘Merican should know a six-pack can be carried easily with just a belt. Just take out a can, loop the belt thru the hole and go to town (jail).

  9. Bruce Arthurs says:

    Molotov Cocktail Suicide Belt

  10. knifie_sp00nie says:

    Only 6 beers? The right model of Utilikilt can hold up to 20!

  11. Halloween Jack says:

    Extra humor-value-added points for their using a slim female model, pretty much exactly the opposite of the person who would buy one of these.

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