Circuit City stores ordered to destroy copies of Mad Magazine that mocks them

Mad Magazine ran a parody of Circuit City, a store so awful that Best Buy runs rings around it. Which is to be expected, given that it's always right next door...
Click to view the full "ad." And so, the following missive supposedly went out...
Circuit City Orders All Stores To Destroy Issue Of Mad Magazine Parodying "Sucker City" [Consumerist]

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16 Responses to Circuit City stores ordered to destroy copies of Mad Magazine that mocks them

  1. themindfantastic says:

    Well Circut City doesn’t have to sell Mad (I thought they were an ELECTRONICS STORE, not a Book/Magazine seller) but as parodies go I bet all employees who work there got a good snicker out of it before it was removed. Yes not as good as Mad used to be, but they have made someone upset, which is at least approaching how they used to be.

  2. semiotix says:

    In other news, apparently all really important Circuit City directives are sent out via a dedicated VAX/VMS server and read on one of those fancy new 80-column VT220 terminals.

  3. chadddaddy says:

    thats interesting celynnen. were you trying to pricematch one of the many phony websites put up just so people can price match stores like circuit city? Im sorry i dont think you have given all of the facts, probably a wrong model or something, i definitely know how the system works.

  4. strider_mt2k says:


    Nice to see MAD magazine (and it’s ability to influence sales (?)) can still get ‘em riled up.

  5. David Carroll says:

    I can’t imagine that Ms Barron’s problem is! Everything in that “flier” is absolutely true.

    This censorship cannot stand. We should all spend a little time and spread the gospel that is MAD.

    I suggest you print a dozen copies of this and salt your nearest “Sucker City”.

    Don’t forget to use fresh fingerprint free paper! If you use a color laser or copier make sure it’s not yours.

    Take snaps of your shenanigans and post them.

  6. David Carroll says:

    My favorite “The Source/Circuit City” fuck-up:

    Two Christmases ago I ordered a watch from their website and paid by credit card. I go for the “deliver to a local The Source store” option.

    Within two days I get a confirmation email and a phone call from my local store telling me that my watch is in. Great!

    So I pop down to the store and present myself to the clerk. He asks me for photo ID. Not just any ID. It has to be a driver’s license or a passport.

    Me: “I don’t have either of those things.”

    TS: “Sorry we can’t give you the watch.”

    Me: “But I have the email, the credit card, and proof that the number you dialed to tell me to come to the store is mine!”

    TS: “Sorry.. Rules are rules”.

    Me: “What can I do?”

    TS: “You can cancel the order and we will credit your card.”

    So I give him the same card I bought the item with and he proceeds to credit my account.

    I go back home and check the website for these rules. They are spelled out but you really have to look for them. I also check if the watch I want is available in-store. Turns out there is only one available in the city at the store I was just at!

    So: I phone the store, ask if they have the watch and ask them to hold it for me. I go back the next day, and pay cash for it.

  7. DoppelFrog says:

    Are we sure it wasn’t just because the MAD ‘parody’ is about as funny as dropping a bowling-ball on your foot?

  8. technogeek says:

    MAD has definitely gone downhill since the Good Old Days.

    As far as Circuit City goes: Individual experience, clearly. I’ve found Best Buy’s sales force mostly incompetent — can’t get their attention, and when you can they know nothing about the products or even the shelving. Circuit City’s staff, at least at the locations I’ve visited, seemed a bit more clueful and much more responsive… but appeared to suffer from the “we’re on commission so we’re biased toward more expensive solutions” effect. Of the two, the latter may be more useful.

  9. celynnen says:

    that’s interesting, Chadddaddy, because my local Circuit City told me that they DONT price match and that I can “go buy it at [the other store], then”.

  10. David Carroll says:

    Anonymous (#14):

    I used my jet-pack of course!

    Have you ever heard of buses, walking or bicycles?

  11. Drewkulele says:

    FOLLOW UP: Circuit City has now retracted this and offered an apology to MAD Magazine:

    AP: Circuit City Defends Its Sense Of Humor

  12. dculberson says:

    The MAD parody may not be Golden-Age worthy, but I thought the “bite stick controller” was genius.

  13. Enochrewt says:

    OH Circuit City, how silly you’re being. They really had me as a customer for awhile. They guarantee that they’ll have new games in on release date, and if not you get a $20 gift card. The sales people were much more knowledgable than the Best Buy next door, and they didn’t hassle me like the BB employees when I was just browsing. But then they have to do stupid stuff like this and it changes my opinion of them.

  14. chadddaddy says:

    to the person that couldnt pick up their purchase because they lacked proper id, that is a good thing! I worked at circuit city and within 3 weeks i had around 18 people try to come in and open up credit cards, pick up orders, and buy things with stolen credit cards and fake i.d.s. Yes it has to be a passport or a drivers license because we have a huge book that tells us what each card looks like and what common fraudulent cards also look like. And as for best buy running circles around it, i dunno what the writer is talking about. I have bought tvs, computers, stereos all from circuit city and saved thousands compared to best buy. They will price match anything, unlike best buy, and they need customers more than best buy so you can pretty much talk your way into a better deal for anything.

  15. chadddaddy says:

    wow and the tv that says suckers paid 400 dollars more for it last week, all they have to do is go back to circuit city and 400 bucks will be in there pockets

  16. Anonymous says:

    To the person who couldn’t pick up his watch without a drivers license:

    How did you get to the store? Last time I checked you need a license to drive.

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