Hands free, pedal powered toilet paper wiper

Phil Torrone over at MAKE spotted this curious toilet paper contraption in a listing for a 3 bed house in Wausau, WI. It appears to be a pedal-powered wiper, perhaps for amputees. Try not to think of the crap sopped, fly-covered "used" roll that would be the end result of such an invention. Just marvel at its genius. The comments are particularly illuminating: apparently, in addition to appearance in Mad Magazine, this was a device featured in a 1980s game show called "Invention" in which one" patented fake inventions and earned money on them somehow." For some reason, those rules sound familiar. What is this toilet paper contraption? [MAKE]
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5 Responses to Hands free, pedal powered toilet paper wiper

  1. Enochrewt says:

    You tell me to not think of the roll after it’s been used, ut that’s all I can do! I’m also trying very hard to not think about the brown streak that you’d get up your back.

  2. Notags says:

    Me thinks the direction of the wipeage would not be front to back, but the other way ’round. Consider the pedal position, the “over the top” direction of the paper itself.. which way do you pedal a bike??!!

    Unless there is some kind of drive mechanism beneath the floor and up the wall…

  3. bobsyeruncle says:

    Well, even if my butt wasn’t burning after mom’s chili, I’d still have to endure the next morning sprint-cycle.

  4. Clayton Hove says:

    Back around ’90 or so, I saw this photo as a full-sized poster in a friend’s apartment (classy guy). From what I remember of the details and aging of the poster stock, it looked like it was from the late 70s/early 80s. Was probably also available as an iron-on.

  5. David Carroll says:

    Sounds to me that the previous owner of this house should have spent a little more time making money an less creating elaborate practical jokes for the repo-man.

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