Psystar will allege Apple antitrust

They once looked like the swollen-tongued simpletons of the Internet-order hardware world, but it certainly does continue to look like Psystar's had a plan from the start. That plan begins with an A:
One of the attorneys hired by Psystar Corp. to defend it in a copyright- and trademark-infringement lawsuit brought by Apple Inc. hinted that the clone maker will bring up antitrust issues if the case goes to trial... "This case has been mischaracterized," said Springer. "There are a lot more complicated issues than just copyright or trademark. There are more complex issues [than those] in respect to the end-user licensing agreement. And antitrust issues come into play, too... When asked to expand on his comments about using antitrust as a possible defense, Springer demurred. "But take a look at the Web site of the lead attorney representing Apple," he said. "Apple knows where this is going."
It's now starting to make sense why Apple took so long to sue Psystar: they knew that the supposed moron wandering around with the "Kick me" placard was egging them on. They've got a lot to lose here. Mac clone maker's lawyer hints at antitrust defense [Computer World] Previously: • Psystar OpenMac monstrosities run OS X - Boing Boing GadgetsApple finally – FINALLY – sues Psystar - Boing Boing GadgetsHow the Psystar lawsuit might go very, very wrong... for Apple ...Psystar hires Apple-killing attorneys - Boing Boing Gadgets
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7 Responses to Psystar will allege Apple antitrust

  1. Anonymous says:

    I must be confused about what anti-trust means. Psystar claims that Apple is breaking anti-trust laws by being the sole seller of its own product, Mac OS X, in a market where there are other comparable products like Windows and Linux?

  2. Downpressor says:

    the fanboy in me still wants to see the execs and staff of Psystar get some alien virus in court and have their guts liquefy out through their anuses.

  3. A former race mechanic says:

    Did you mean “allege”?

  4. John Brownlee says:

    I did. Crap. Thanks.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    This is going to be interesting.

    Thanks for keeping coverage of this going.
    It’s a great read every time.

  6. byronba says:

    When I first read this I noticed that the attorney’s last name was Springer and immediately thought of Jerry Springer :).

    Had to click through to the actual article to find out his real name (Colby Springer). Figured it wasn’t Jerry to begin with, but still had to click through to set my mind at ease.

  7. cayton says:

    This seems to escalate every time I hear about it. I really think that the only way to resolve it is with a one on one duel, Star Trek style.

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