Calvin and Jobs

Flickr user has taken Bill Watterson's comic strip magnum opus Calvin and Hobbes and continued the tale: this time, young Calvin's schizophrenic visions take not the form of a philosophizing, anthropomorphic tiger, but as Apple's own Steve Jobs. I think the funniest thing about this series is that compared to Steve Jobs, Calvin goes from rampaging, id-driven egomaniac (as in Watterson's interpretation) to humble and meek. The execution isn't up to Watterson's class, but artistically, it's still a step-up from Calvin micturating on mud flaps. Calvin and Jobs [Flickr via Cult of Mac]
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Those strips were run in MAD Magazine #492 on page 32 and 33. Writer: Jacob Lambert; Artist Gary Hallgren.

  2. Garr says:

    Even though I’m a bit tired of the apparent inflation of the number of Apple-related posts here at BBG, this one actually produced a big smile on my face. The end was witty, but what impressed me most as a long time Calvin&Hobbes fan was the artistical similarity to the original, right down to the way Jobs sits on his rump, legs outstretched and enthusiasm painted all over his face. Beautiful!

  3. Doctor Popular says:

    This actually appears to be from a recent issue of Mad Magazine.

    Gizmodo, who first blogged about the strip, ran the strips without any attribution, but I’d love to see that corrected.

  4. mmbb says:

    Flickr comment:

    I’d like to give credit to the writer and artist of that Calvin and Jobs satire. It was written by Jacob Lambert and drawn by Gary Hallgren. It’s from a two page spread in the current issue of MAD Magazine. It’s the Super Hero issue.

    Dick DeBartolo
    MAD’s Maddest Writer

  5. RikF says:

    Ah, Calvin and Hobbes. I still live in hope that when the esteemed Mr Watterson said that he was taking time off from the pressure of producing a daily piece, he intended to relax, recoup and then produce a book of C&H that would put even his best work (and his best being, IMHO, the best comic strips ever produced) to shame. I would of course be happy with any new C&H from his pen at all. Any, you hear me Bill? ANY!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Er…not to nitpick, but these strips are from Mad Magazine, not a random flickr user.

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