Fold-out rocking lawn chair

You can buy a cheap fold-out chair, complete with nylon beer pocket, at any Walmart for a couple of fins. This rocking variety is about four times as expensive at $40.00, but it adds rocking into the mix. A killer addition indeed: if only I had a lawn upon which to unfold this, rocking back and forth on a hot summer day, surrounded by discarded beer cans as I shake my drunken fist at neighborhood children and heap obscenity-laced affirmations of territorial ownership upon their blasted heads. Portable Rocking Chair [Taylor Gifts via Book of Joe]
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7 Responses to Fold-out rocking lawn chair

  1. luthier58 says:

    My wife and I camp a lot, and have a collection of the folding canvas/sling-type chairs, including this very rocker. It’s actually quite comfortable, if you like rocking chairs (kind of an acquired taste, I think; the wife likes it, I can do without). It seem to work best on soft ground (turf); there’s a little bump where the back upright attaches to the rocker, at least on ours. We also have a pair of folding recliners that DO have footrests, adjustable from “just putting my feet up” to full passed-out in the sun, tongue-lolling recline (I’m very fond of this chair). They all fold up into the pretty standard 10″ tube, easily stashed in the trunk. We keep a pair in every vehicle at all times. The recliners, by the way, are the perfect seat for air shows.

  2. Takuan says:

    the cup holder ain’t big enuff fer a jug and there’s no damned shotgun scabbard.

  3. O_P says:

    I can just imagine taking this one to the ski fields and using it as a sled.
    Nothing better than a cup holder on a toboggan.
    Those rocking additions look pretty slick.

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    I can hear them scoffing at you down the street sir!
    At one point I believe I may have heard a barely restrained chortle, but the acoustics are funny at that intersection.

    Fear not. I’m sure the retention of their flying disk will no doubt dissuade them from any further jackanapery.

  5. dove says:

    We’ve had one of these for a couple years. A pain in the ass to fold/unfold, but comfy.

    I didn’t really think it was BBG-worthy, though.. huh. Maybe cause it’s one of the only things so far I’ve owned.

  6. Yep says:

    Wow, you just described my weekend.

    BTW, would be made better by the addition of a fold out food rest.

  7. Yep says:

    oops…meant FOOT rest. But a food rest would be good, too.

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