Remote controlled robot zombie

For $2650, this motorized torso of a slavering, flesh hungry zombie might seem too pricey for even the most overzealous Hallowe'eners. But if you stop looking at poor Dead Fred here as a holiday prop and begin considering him as a means of transportation, it starts looking up as an investment. After all, what would you rather have propel you around town: a Segway or a crab-crawling, disemboweled zombie robot? Thumbs up, by the way, for the YouTube clip's soundtrack, which appears to feature two zombies fucking. Dead Fred Zombie Chaser [Fright Catalog via Nerd Approved]
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3 Responses to Remote controlled robot zombie

  1. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:

    that’s more freaky because it’s gliding over the grass and has the voice of beavis and butthead than it being the living dead

  2. eustace says:

    Oh yeah baby; saddle him up!
    Doesn’t this make you want to build your own for Halloween? And chase kids down the block with it? Then have to deny it when the cops come? Oops, one sentence too far.

  3. Alkwerte says:

    Does it cut grass too ?

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