60GB 360s cut down on RRODs

According to console modder of the modding stars, Ben Heck, Microsoft did more than just bump the newest Xbox 360s up to 60GB with the newest revision. They also made a minor but significant design change to the board to prevent RRODs. Microsoft has removed the memory chips residing on the underside of each motherboard and shifted them to the top, to prevent overheating. Inside a 60 GIG Xbox 360 [Ben Heck]
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4 Responses to 60GB 360s cut down on RRODs

  1. Cowicide says:

    @ #3 posted by dculberson…

    Sigh… I know, I know… I’m just tired of looking up esoteric acronyms for stuff. It was a protest post. Someone has got to take a stand sometime. ;)

  2. Cowicide says:


  3. dculberson says:

    Cowicide, I’m kind of surprised; searching for “rrod” is a lot faster than posting “WTFisRROD.”

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