LCD panel prices to fall in Autumn

According to this brass tacks analyst piece in the Times, a glut of LCD displays — both larger panels for HDTVs and somewhat small panels for computer monitors — means that prices should be crashing towards the end of the year. They suggest waiting a few months to buy, as the excess of inventory should mean healthy price cuts in September and beyond. We're considering adding another flat panel to our home's selection of units, so I'll keep a weather eye and post any stand outs in our daily deals round-up. Wall Street Beat: Time to Put Off Buying LCD TVs and Displays []
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6 Responses to LCD panel prices to fall in Autumn

  1. certron says:

    I went looking for an example of your monitor, found the Asus VK192T for about the right price and was surprised at the number of other monitors that also had webcam included. I suppose now you can buy the features without having to buy an Apple. I know I will have to replace my 9-year-old CRT sooner or later, this looks like as good an opportunity as any.

    Just today is this deal, listed in another BBG post: “Monitor – 24-inch Soyo Widescreen LCD monitor (1,920 by 1,200 pixels) for $225, shipped, if you pay with Paypal.”

    I’ve heard some news that flash memory is currently experiencing a glut, and that now is the time to buy, since SanDisk is delaying the opening of a new factory until 2009 or so, due to low flash prices (and profits) in the near term.

  2. Moon says:

    If they go down to $100, I’ll wallpaper my apartment with them!

    Think of the electricity bill!!!

  3. Lonin says:

    I can’t wait to see the Black Friday HDTV deals this year.

  4. certron says:

    #4, Lonin: I’ll see your Black Friday deal, and raise you “OMG analog TV is going away” hysteria.

  5. Moon says:

    How cheap can they get? I just paid $220 for a 20″ with a webcam.

  6. dodi says:

    Any updates on this situation? I’m planning to buy a new 46″ TV. All I see is Best Buy’s typically lame 7.5% sales. It’s getting harder to wait, but I don’t want to see prices drop 31 days after I buy it.

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