Leaked video of the HTC Dream running Google Android

Past the smegmous layer of Vaseline slathered all over the wobbling camera phone's lens, this frustratingly blurry video purports to be of Google's Android OS running on the HTC Dream. Nevertheless, it looks pretty good: the orientation control is amazingly snappy compared to the iPhone, although the touchscreen input looks a tad imprecise. And there's even a slide-out (possibly swivel) QWERTY keypad, making it look an awful lot like HTC's answer to the Sidekick. But the sexiness here is the OS, not necessarily the phone, and the OS looks very sultry indeed... a real challenger for the iPhone's, baked into a handset of perhaps more dubious quality. Is This The HTC Dream> [Android Guys via Valleywag]
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8 Responses to Leaked video of the HTC Dream running Google Android

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. This video could be bogus.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to wait and see what people think when Android actually arrives in stores. No use getting my hopes set too high.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Is Darth Vader filming this?

  4. Adam Backstrom says:

    Video by Darth Vader.

  5. skramble says:

    why does Brownlee have to always use such… icky, scatological, language to describe the things in his blog posts? And every time its kind of like an ambush. You’re just happily reading along about some gadget or other then all of a sudden you’ve been mired in some really gross imagery. when did new gadgets get so dirty?
    kind of makes my throat close up a little, coughing, gagging ensues. then I spit up a kind of yellowish slippery puddle of bile on my desk.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You try breathing normally after being left to die lying on the ground by a river of molten rock. Jeez!

    –Darth Vader

  7. Oren Beck says:

    Foregoing the critiques of non-phone related stuff…

    My MDA phone is somewhat of a brain prosthesis for me. It does have the usual M$ frustrations and plain dumbfoundingly stupids. We all wish M$ would get the clue of an application needing to for real quit and not go into limbo…

    All the undeniable slagging points aside, as a balance of everything- it just works more than not. My hope is that Android will become platform agnostic as some folks are fetish bound to the bitten fruit. They can live with bondage to chargers.

    As up till the newer run- Apple’s fetish of glued in batteries alone was a deal killer. The overall reason for my being very interested in the HTC Dream is the G integration.That integration-running on a phone known to play nice with my accessories. As in BT Keyboards and network bridges.

    The potential for GPS and Google to integrate location awareness is a tool. One of inestimable value and danger all at once. It could be one’s Alibi? or?… Judas. Or just a way to find a sushi bar in Berkeley at 4:15 A.M

  8. fibreoptik says:

    Look how many times he has to tap the screen! What a piece of shit!! HTC sucks ASS!

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