littleBits: magnetic, LEGO-like circuit board components

littleBits are LEGO-like pieces of pre-assembled circuitry that can be magnetically snapped together for the easy construction of more complicated circuit board. Just mix-and-match from a phantasmagoria of circuitry to come up with the widget gleaming in your mind's eye. Also LEGO-like: my mechanical incompetence will completely prevent me from building a Flux Capacitor out of littleBits, no matter how scientifically-sound my Flux Capacitor design. littleBits [Official Site]
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2 Responses to littleBits: magnetic, LEGO-like circuit board components

  1. SamSam says:

    Really cool, particularly for learning about circuits. It looks like it will be able to connect to a computer via USB as well.

    I’ve just sent this around my educational software company to see if people are interested in this concept.

  2. BBNinja says:

    I wanna know where the heck that guy got all those random pieces of flat plastic he used in the coffee maker video:

    I prefer to call them ‘Lil’ Bits’

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