Motorla RAZR VE20 shots leaked: same damn phone

Three or four years ago, the RAZR's design simply dropped jaws: how can a phone be so thin? . It was, in truth, a crummy phone, adopted by indiscriminate hipsters and gadgetological fashionistas... me and my doppelgangers, in other words. Nevertheless, Motorola made quajillions: it was a device designed to slice open the jugular of the mobile phone industry, and that was reflected in its name. Fast forward, and Motorola is still trying to sell people the exact same phone. The new VE20 just looks ridiculous in the era of slick touchpad 3G smartphones. It's 2MP cam, QVGA main display and NFL broadcasting capability? Oh, jeez. It's like watching a Cheesehead slug around last season's Swarovski-crusted Gucci handbag. I know, I come across as a douche (on this and others). But is this the sort of phone Motorola is really banking on saving its company? It's the same damn one we all rejected years ago for better models. You don't dig your way out of obsolescence by selling the same thing you sold half a decade ago under a new brand name. Blurry shots leak out of the RAZR VE20 [Phone Arena via Gizmodo]
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16 Responses to Motorla RAZR VE20 shots leaked: same damn phone

  1. Anonymous says:

    “..the iphone’s design simply dropped jaws: how can a phone be so thin? . It was, in truth, a crummy phone, adopted by indiscriminate hipsters and gadgetological fashionistas.”

    Fixed that for ya. You can use that in a future post. :)

    Motorola has made some innovative phones in the past.. the “brick” phone, the flip phone, the StarTac, the Razr.

    But the problem is that once they release a successful phone, they ride it out for as long as they can. And even longer. The Razr has been on the market for several years. It should be discontinued by now. But instead, they offer it in more new and exciting colors. Meh.

    Razr V3xx.. same damn phone, but with better software and 3G. This should have been the first Razr, really.

    The Razr2 is a big yawn fest. Motorola claims it’s thinner than the original Razr. True. But they shifted the dimensions and made it wider and longer. Lame.

    I like Motorola phones. But they only put out a good phone every 5 years or so. I like my V3i but I’m leaning towards getting a smartphone next. Since Motorola only has the Q, I might have to jump ship and get the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia.

  2. BuildUupBuzzKill says:

    i agree it looks like the same phone, but then again not everyone who is buying a cell phone is looking for the newest flashiest 3G creation alot of people are content in purchesing a product they already know and understand… that being said, would i buy it HELLZ NAW i need me some shit that aint no one ever seen befor nawwhatimsayin

  3. Scott says:

    I bought an unlocked Razr for a good price, so I thought I was saving some money. Hah. The Razr–which was brand new–refused to recharge by any means, so I had to buy a spare battery and external charger. And the Razr won’t reconnect with the Bluetooth of any car I’ve tried it with–it pairs, but then must be manually reconnected each and every time. POS phone.

  4. technogeek says:

    Another V195 user. (The battery runs down faster if you waste it playing games, admittedly.)

    I either want a phone to be a phone and nothing but a phone — no camera, no text messaging, just a reasonably priced/shaped/functional voice device — or I’d want to go up to a reasonably open device with full palmtop functionality (NOT running a flavor of Windows) and preferably with at least 20G of storage so it can also carry my full audio collection. Nothing in the middle range is the least bit interesting to me.

  5. Robotech_Master says:

    I liked my RAZR2 a couple months back when I bought it.

    But upon finding out that I’ll have to wait until December 26th, 2009 to qualify for the $200 discount on an iPhone, I’m now wishing I hadn’t. :P

  6. Anonymous says:

    The phone still has the motorola crippling user interface device: an “ok” button in the middle of a four-way rocker. I am not an eight-year-old girl. I cannot press one without pressing the other. Maybe they moved the cancel button away from the backspace button.

  7. styrofoam says:

    For as universally reviled as the RAZR seems to be in the technogeek world, it seems nearly impossible to find one for a cheap price.

    Why do people hang on to such a miserable phone? (Why do I want such a lousy phone? Because I keep thinking that a small phone with a camera and MP3 player would be a perfect thing to lose in a purse, and obtainable for dirt cheap.)

  8. jbang says:

    Did someone say the V3xx was good? Twice as thick, twice as slow… and somehow they made their UI even more fucking useless.

    I still use my V8808, basically the StarTac V with a new name. It’s small (like, really small..thick, but tiny), battery lasts weeks and the UI is too simple to suck too hard. (Although, mysteriously, text messages aren’t tied to your phone book – why can’t you tell me if that text came from a number in my phone book, not just a freaking number!?)

    Moto needs to be euthanised, this is getting painful to watch.

  9. Anonymous says:

    As someone who has owned both a Iphone2 and an original Razr, I can say the iphone has given me much less buyer’s remorse. I fricking hate that fricking razr.

  10. Moon says:

    I just bought an old Motorola phone V195. It’s clunky, it doesn’t have many features, but the battery lasts 3 weeks!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I like my razr also— because when I bought it a few years after it originally came out, it wasn’t terribly expensive (being by that time several models behind the new hotness) but it’s a reasonably-sized phone that can make calls, send texts, act as a net connection (laptop+bluetooth+gprs for when I’m out of wifi coverage), and even take the occasional photo or act as a usb/bluetooth-accessible file store. I even have some vaguely-useful MIDP applications on it.

  12. ckd says:

    I keep expecting to hear about two “new” Motorola phones: the LUZR and the SUKR. I could see them showing up either as an April Fool’s post, or in the Onion.

  13. Droogy says:

    OK, fair ’nuff – so what are the sucker-free phones? Is the iphone worth it? It’s cheap now but those monthly charges….

  14. dan says:

    Hey, hey, hey – you’re not paying close enough attention! Look more closely at that keypad. See anything different? No? Look closer… Ahh, now you’ve got it – they took out the little etched dividing lines between the numbers! That’ll show those so-called “designers” at Apple!

  15. styrofoam says:

    It was, in truth, a crummy $DEVICE, adopted by indiscriminate hipsters and gadgetological fashionistas… me and my doppelgangers, in other words.

    I think you could repaste this sentence to fit just about any gadget that’s more than a year old.

  16. Bryan Price says:

    My V3 is three years old (yes, I was a late adopter), and still does what I expect it to do, which is make calls. I don’t surf the web with it, I make minimal text messages with it (unless I connect it to the computer and type like hell on a real keyboard). It’s not a leash like my wife’s Blackberry, and I’ve been kind enough to it, unlike my two youngest children who blew their V3s up in about one years time. And those lasted longer than the ones they had before.

    I have no desire for a iPhone.

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