Psystar eggs Apple on, releases Leopard Restore Disc to customers

Psystar is crazy like a fox. Apple's attorneys are currently pummeling the plucky "Open Computer" manufacturers for their Mac clones, and while Psystar have hired some anti-trust attorneys of their own to fight them off, the general impression is of an enraged grizzly bear swatting a prone, overweight Special Ed preschooler back and forth with its paw. Curl, Psystar! Curl! But curl they don't. In fact, Psystar's egging Apple on: their latest "strategy" is to release Leopard restore discs to all of their customers. Before, Psystar maintained that a corrupted Leopard install would require the computer to be mailed back to them. This was presumably to prevent distributing a hacked version of Leopard and falling afoul of Apple's lawyers... moot now. Now that they are already being sued and risk being shut down, perhaps they feel they have nothing more to lose. Maybe they're trying to do right by their customers in case they do get shut down. But I keep on thinking that these guys have some epic plan, this latest move just being one small part. All will be revealed in the final moments of a Supreme Court battle, John Grisham style. Open Computing Leopard Restore Disc [Psystar] PreviouslyPsystar will allege Apple antitrust - Boing Boing GadgetsPsystar hires Apple-killing attorneys - Boing Boing GadgetsHow the Psystar lawsuit might go very, very wrong... for Apple ...Apple finally – FINALLY – sues Psystar - Boing Boing GadgetsPsystar OpenMac monstrosities run OS X - Boing Boing Gadgets
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18 Responses to Psystar eggs Apple on, releases Leopard Restore Disc to customers

  1. Halloween Jack says:

    I think that their “epic plan” consists of cashing a monthly check from a certain gazillionaire middle-aged Aspie from Redmond, and keeping track of their Swiss bank account number and the names of countries that have stringent extradition requirements.

  2. belgium says:

    Or like the bit in Braveheart when the Scots run down into a valley chased by the evil English soldiers, who then turn round to find themselves surrounded by Wallace’s army.

    I really hope Psystar manage to fuck Apple over on this. Apple is all about the anti-trust, anti-competition – their retribution is well overdue.

  3. dimmer says:

    “So, If Microsoft sipulated in Windows’ EULA that the only browser permitted on the platform was IE, that’d be ok?”

    I guess you meant “stipulated”. No, this isn’t about the choice of a browser (yawn) but about the choice of an operating system, and the right of the authors to determine what systems it will or will not run out.

    Apple’s computers are not a monopoly, far from it, but people CHOOSE to run OS X over FreeBSD, Linux, A/UX, Windows/

  4. error404 says:

    Apple are anti innovation, well anti you innovating.

    Their Credo seems to be “Please rebel against the system in the designated area.”

    And yes Mac addicts do tend to be people who can tell you who designed the case and how much it all cost but not what is actually under the hood.

    The Romantic VS The Classisist

  5. Anonymous says:

    You win at this thread.

    Apple needs to fall from their high horse a bit. #5 has Apple’s stance to a T.

    I’ve never understood how the BB anti-trust/conspiracy/etc crowd could be so in love with a company that prides itself on preventing any competition or customization.

  6. A New Challenger says:

    It’s like watching Death Note. “Just as planned.”

  7. antidisestablishmentarianism says:

    I absolutely love this story. This seems like the bad guy emptying his clip as he falls to his death from an 80 story building.

  8. belgium says:

    I had a brilliant experience recently raving about how clean and tidy the guts of my new PC were, to an (extremely otherwise tech savy) friend who’s only ever owned Apples – I was amazed that he’d never seen inside a computer before. I built my last 3 computers (I’ve already upgraded the graphics card, wireless card, ram and monitor of this one).

    With the advent of the extremely closed platform that is the iPhone, more people using Apple products can only be a bad thing.

  9. Avram says:

    I think “innovation” vs “non-innovation” is the wrong axis for thinking about Apple. Apple’s products are tremendously innovative, proven by how many people try to copy them.

    Steve Jobs is a control freak. Or, to put it more favorably, an auteur. Apple products reflect his vision, or the vision of the designers he picks, and the production process is tightly controlled to express that vision. The result is very polished products with great user experience for most users. But that’s not the experience you want if you’re the sort of person who wants to twiddle every bit to suit your own needs.

  10. Anonymous says:

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  11. foobar says:

    Wow, thanks Captain Typo. You sure showed me.

    It’s not about choice of operating system, it’s about choice of hardware vendor.

  12. haineux says:

    #8, I doubt it will change your mind, but here are a few facts you can look up if you ever wish to question your own opinion.

    Microsoft was found by the US courts to have an official “monopoly” with its Windows OS. The US has laws that say it can regulate what :monopolies: can do, most notably the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

    Microsoft was then found to be using their monopoly power to create a new monopoly (web browser). They did this by changing the price of their OS depending on whether competing products (Netscape Navigator web browser) was also installed on the computer. No Netscape, cheap price. Netscape, price goes up.

    This, as it happens, is against the law, and despite Microsoft using every possible delaying tactic and every possible appeal available, the finding stands.

    The EU came to a similar finding, based on similar laws, and I believe Microsoft has exhausted every possible delaying and appeal on that, and is currently appealing and delaying their non-compliance to the EU’s court orders as a result of the original finding.

    Apple has no monopoly on computer hardware or software, so they are not subject to the Sherman Act, much as #9 feels that Apple should “get knocked off their high horse,” alas.

    Apple is therefore allowed to impose limits on their product sales. Lots of companies impose similar limits on their software. For instance, for many years, IBM and DEC limited their software to be used on their own hardware. Microsoft Windows also has extremely similar licenses on its “OEM” copies of Windows. You can’t take an OEM copy and install it on “another computer.”

    Apparently, Psystar thinks they can get a court to agree that these limits are either unreasonable or unenforceable. If so, anybody can buy a copy of Mac OS X and run it on any computer it will run on.

    But it doesn’t stop there! Apple has code in Mac OS X that checks to make sure it’s running on Apple hardware. Psystar also (it appears) reverse-engineered and modified this code in ways that violate the DMCA. Maybe Psystar can duck out of that, too.

    Unfortunately, Psystar has ALSO gone and reposted Apple software in a way that appears pretty plainly to violate longstanding copyright law.

    That’s what Apple is suing over. Unless Psystar comes up with a miracle, they’re going to be prevented from doing so, which will ruin their “our computers run Mac OS X” story, and cost them a lot of money.

  13. foobar says:


    So, If Microsoft sipulated in Windows’ EULA that the only browser permitted on the platform was IE, that’d be ok?

  14. Anonymous says:

    If it’s ok for Steve Jobs to be a control freak why isn’t it ok for Microsoft? Or digital rights companies?

    Either it’s ok to zealously protect your brand experience or it’s not. It can’t go both ways. Let Microsoft dictate IE only because to them it’s the proper internet experience under Windows. Let music companies dictate what players can play their music with DRM; it’s their experience they are selling and they can’t be sure your homebrew program will do it justice.

  15. semiotix says:

    I’m getting the feeling that the LEAST overwrought internets poster on this subject is taking this much more to heart than the MOST overwrought Apple or Psystar employee or lawyer. This is just business, like when Frankie the Knife roughs you up for not paying your protection money. Nothing personal either way.

    But on a more pragmatic note, anyone have an opinion of whether these Psystar machines are any good? Setting aside the question of whether, two months from now, there will be anyone to answer the customer service line.

  16. jbang says:

    It is about choice of hardware vendors, and you may accuse me of being an Apple apologist, but if you want OS X you choose a Mac. Simple.

    OS X Is Apple’s property, and whilst Microsoft’s “vision” was to allow anyone to make a computer to run their software, it’s not Apple’s. Jobs’ wants you to have a certain experience with his product, and part of that means imposing these set regulations.

    So in eloquent, as I think i’m trying to extrapolate “IF U DONT LIKE IT EAT UR WINDOZEEE!!!!11!!” into too much.

  17. jimweda says:

    I used to be pretty upset that Apple never allowed others create clones but then one day it dawned on me. I’ve been an apple user since 1985 and also walk the middle of the fence by using Windows based machines. Since 1985 I have had 1 hard drive go out on me and about a year ago, an issue with my computer continually going into sleep mode. Windows… well that’s another story. Unless you’re a tech geek or something along those lines there is always something going wrong with my PC machines. If my Macs are going to start acting like PC’s if clones are allowed, then I vote that Apple keeps their doors closed and keep on making machines that continue to run without constantly crashing and having to worry about viruses or hiring someone to install a simple piece of hardware. Personally, I don’t want to learn how to fix a computer. I just want it to work when I need it and so far Apple has given me just that, a computer that I can turn on when I need it, turn it off when I’m done and know it will work tomorrow.

  18. booticon says:

    You guys are insane. This isn’t about anti-innovation; what does Psystar bring to the table that Apple hasn’t? It’s a fucking Hackintosh. The only reason Apple is suing these guys is that they’re trying to make money off of breaking licensing agreements and EULAs.

    It also isn’t anti-competitive because it’s Apple’s OS. I’m pretty sure they can license it how they wish.

    Look, I have no problem with the OSX86 project, and I’ve used OSX on PCs myself. But only for my personal amusement, as compatibility is weird, and if your apps don’t constantly crash, good luck trying to get sleep working.

    But I also have no problem watching Psystar being sued into oblivion.

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