Cybernetic LED wings

I may be pitied for having no lover by German mobile phone companies, but there's a reason: I'm inexorably drawn to the sort of wounded dove freak jobs who would pay a $1,000 for a pair of LED cybernetic wings, all of whom end up donning aviator's goggles, watching Wings of Desire and flinging themselves off the top of Tacheles after one hallucinogen-fueled bender or another. Or at least that's the story the Polizei hear. Cybertek Wings [Artifice Clothing]
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10 Responses to Cybernetic LED wings

  1. T0AD says:

    Looks like Nero from Dirge of Cerberus

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sarah Kerrigan, she’s not.

  3. Downpressor says:

    If it werent for the cleavage, people might notice the severe craptacularity of this thing.

  4. NeonCat says:

    Solveig Dommartin, you left us too soon.

  5. umgrego2 says:

    WOAH! She’s wearing wings? I have to admit that I didn’t notice. Must’ve been distracted …

  6. zuzu says:

    I thought Until the End of the World was the preferred Wim Wenders cyberpunk film.

    Still, there is something appealing about the Battle Angel Alita look.

  7. HeatherB says:

    There’s my Halloween costume sorted.

  8. strider_mt2k says:

    Honey, where did the baby gate, glow sticks and my old college bagpipe get off to?

    OH DEAR GHOD!!!!

  9. Halloween Jack says:

    That’s like the Raptor Pack from City of Heroes, only not quite as cool.

  10. acb says:

    Coming soon to a goth club near you?

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