Gallery of vintage toy robots

Just in time for us all to slack off on a no-news Friday, Dark Roasted Blend posts a gallery of wonderfully vintage toy robots, repelete in their own wind up, spark spitting retro magnificence. And look at that robot Fido! What a fantastic design: slap some hover pads on his orange belly and a cybertronic brain in his tin cranium and this is my vote for dog of the future, yes sir. Toy Robots to Have and to Hold [Dark Roasted Blend]
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4 Responses to Gallery of vintage toy robots

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    More pics than I can absorb for the moment, but I’m going back later when I have time.

    I’m SO going back later.

    Great one John! Thanks!

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    The dog had a cameo in an old “Bonnie and Trots” cartoon.

  3. tartar says:

    Marvellous Stuff! Thnx!

  4. Mythus says:

    We have that dog…I love it.

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