Consume your way to climate change

If ever there was a certain dogmatic element to environmentalism, – perhaps a little removed from the West's internal cultural negotiations – has not detected it. How else could it produce a list of gadgets that combine green living with extravagant luxury? Pictured here is Husqvarna's solar powered lawnmower. Other highlights include a WiFi teepee with ac minibar and a "discrete" sea limousine. Floridians, Netherlanders and Bangladeshis will be delighted to note that fully half the entries are of use only on bodies of water. Top 12 solar innovations to lead a luxurious green lifestyle [BR]

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2 Responses to Consume your way to climate change

  1. winkybb says:

    Ridiculous. Invest the money that would be wasted on these overpriced gadgets in some economically (relatively) efficient renewable energy projects and you would get far greater impact. The notion that we can reduce our environmental impact by consuming more is oxymoronic, even with purportedly “green” purchases such as hybrid cars, must be exposed for the feel-good myth that it is. Don’t even get me started on carbon offsets to justify flying you and your spawn to Disneyland for vacations. Control of the primate infestation is the planet’s only hope.

  2. Pink Thing says:

    I think this is a worthwhile point to debate – there are MANY tough decisions ahead relating to climate changes to come… why not let some people pay more to consume solar-based super vehicles… surely we can discuss this. Try thinking in triage terms- save, leave to manage or allow to die – ActonClimate

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