ShotPaks: Single-serving booze in a pouch

These single-serving "ShotPak" drinks contain a swallow of alcohol, from "STR8UP" unadulterated selections like rum and whisky to pre-mixed cocktails like lemon drops or kamikazes. They are also green, says the manufacturer, as each ShotPak "has the lowest carbon dioxide footprint of any container used to package alcohol in the world." Technically correct, perhaps, but otherwise a spectacular example of drunkenly missing the forest to swerve wildly into felled trees. Each ShotPak contains 50 milliliters of liquid. A six-pack of shots can be found in liquor and party stores for around $8. I'm thinking it's about time we do a round-up on flasks, the original, reusable shot packs. Company Page [ via Serious Eats]
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21 Responses to ShotPaks: Single-serving booze in a pouch

  1. Kevin says:

    A titanium flask will elude the average “metal detector”, but is expensive to risk confiscation.

    One good brand of flexi polyester drink flasks is “Rum Runner“. Affordable, and more flask-like than the various Platypus products.

  2. zuzu says:

    I’m thinking it’s about time we do a round-up on flasks, the original, reusable shot packs.


  3. Marley9 says:

    “Technically correct, perhaps, but otherwise a spectacular example of drunkenly missing the forest to swerve wildly into felled trees. “

    Another reason I visit so often…superb writing.

  4. Saxtor says:

    While visiting Japan last Fall, I drank more than my fair share of (swill) sake in what can only be described through my American sentiments as juice boxes. Just like drinking Hi-C Ecto-Cooler, but with that warm, slightly nauseating glow that only dirt-cheap sake can provide. I’m sure one could easily pass drinking it on the streets in the U.S. due to its non-conventional packaging. Infact, the streets are the only place to drink this beverage commonly imbibed by homeless-folk.

  5. The Lizardman says:

    Some plastic options found quickly via google:

    Most local camping stores around me have $1-3 options but I can’t nail down a listing online for the same thing (which looks much like a standard hip flask but in cheap plastic)

  6. Jake0748 says:

    “…the lowest carbon dioxide footprint of any container used to package alcohol in the world.”

    WTF – I call bullshit, with extreme prejudice. There’s no way in hell they can prove that statement.

  7. pupdog says:

    Man, I’ve been waiting for these forever. Ok, not really, but something similar was mentioned in a Moonlighting episode from 20-odd years ago- Tequila in packs like fast-food ketchup, so you always had a shot available. Ever since then I’ve been wondering who would actually try it…

  8. semiotix says:

    #10: Good catch! And if the TSA gives you any guff about it, you’ll be full of liquid courage to stand up for your rights. :)

  9. The Lizardman says:


    The TSA fails pretty much completely at detecting any liquid you want if carried in a plastic flask inside a cargo pocket. I’m not reccomending you circumvent them in this manner, simply pointing out that even bulging full cargo pants (in my experience – flying a few times a month on average) do not get checked if you don’t set off the metal detector. Go to a camping store and get a plastic pocket flask for your beverage of choice. Glass would likely work as well but those flasks are bit more rare and, of course, fragile

  10. Moon says:

    I have a couple of nifty little flasks that I use to smuggle rum into the opera house. When rum & cokes are $9 and cokes are only $3, I save a lot of money. At least $12/night and I make some awfully strong rum & cokes, as well.

  11. mdhatter says:


  12. dculberson says:

    I got my stainless steel flask from Ikea for $10 or so and it’s been good. No leaks so far. It didn’t come with a funnel, so filling can be a bit tricky.

  13. The Lizardman says:

    I second (third?) the flask round up – be sure to include links for purchase as I stand ready to expand my collection. Current personal favorite: the walking stick / flask combo – gets you drunk and helps you walk afterwards. Also good for knocking other drunks out of the way.

  14. Moon says:

    Oooh, LIZARDMAN, I like it! Plus, I would look like a real bon vivant at the opera!

  15. BrokenRobot says:

    I’m thinking you’re missing the target market for these things — probably less flask users and more college kids. I’m near a very large southeastern school with a dry football stadium, and undergrads have been known to tape mini-bottles to their thighs (and elsewhere) to get past the security pat-down at the door. These little pouches are a more comfortable (and more easily hidden) alternative.

    And college kids don’t care what their drinks taste like – probably also a bonus when it comes to this product.

  16. Moon says:

    And if you get one taken away, you just lose the cost of the product, not the cost of a flask and the drink.

  17. buzzardcheater says:

    I hate to say it, but this solves one of my minor travel problems: I have to check my small bag simply because i like to travel with a flask of scotch – greater than 3 oz, TSA says no-no-no.

    Maybe a six pack of these things, each under the 3oz limit would allow me to carry on….

  18. O_P says:

    I think a coconut half uses far less carbon in it’s creation process than these plastic containers, and I’ve had some might fine alcohol served to me in coconuts before. In fact, it might even be negative carbon given the tree will absorbing a lot of carbon dioxide in the time it takes to produce a fully grown coconut.
    So I call bullshit on the “lowest carbon dioxide footprint of any container used to package alcohol in the world” given that coconuts are used as packaging in many places in the world.

  19. Aerobishop says:

    Check out “The Dram” flask sandals from Reef.
    Maybe not so good for getting through TSA checkpoints but great for any venue that doesn’t insist on x-ray exam of footwear…

  20. Not a Doktor says:

    I want a non-metal flask as concerts usually use metal detectors to nab that and cameras now (who’d shank someone at a Blondie show?)

    I think carbon fiber would be neat but probably expensive and not as good of a liquid carrier.

  21. clueless in brooklyn says:

    There’s nothing environmental about packaging single servings of anything.

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