Terminator T-800 Skull DVD Player

A reflective T-800 skull — stolen from Cyberdyne, Brilloed clean of synthetic Austrian musculature and goop — makes an excellent DVD player, as it turns out. Simply insert your DVD in the brainpan and allow re-functioned Terminator MDK processors to upscale and play while its eyes eerily glow. Sadly, the T-800 DVD player is not Blu-Ray compatible... which certainly seems to indicate that Sony will not be the ultimate winner in the HD media wars, at least by the time Judgement Day rolls around. The Terminator Skull DVD Player [Toxel via Geek Alerts]
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3 Responses to Terminator T-800 Skull DVD Player

  1. kaiza says:

    All that’s missing is a stereoscopic projection system from within the eyes!

  2. Floatationman says:

    The best part is that self-contained nuclear batteries mean never having to fiddle with a power strip!

  3. jbang says:

    Looks like a modded mini-bust.


    Shame, I’d be tempted to buy one of these as a stand-by / take with me DVD player. Hawt.

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