Dell Mini-Inspiron Netbook: specs leaked, rumored August 22nd, Ubuntu!

Gizmodohas gotten their hands on the leaked specs for the Dell's upcoming netbook, the Mini-Inspiron (technically the 910). There's not much new here, although delightfully, it looks like it will be rather easily upgradeable: the SSD is held in with standard Phillips-head screws). Other spec are more redundants: we already knew the Mini-Inspiron had a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, up to 1GB of RAM, an 8.9" screen with support for a resolution of 1024x600. It will also include a built-in camera, solid-state drives ranging between 4GB and 16GB, a VGA port, a media card reader, WiFi, and 3 USB ports. But two important things. One: we might see the Mini-Inspiron on Dell's websites by the end of the week. Two: it's shipping with a Ubuntu configuration... probably Ubuntu Netbook Remix. * Also, first details on the battery: a four celler. We'll have to see how that holds up. If this really does ship at the end of the week, though, I may finally have my first netbook. Ubuntu + Whore Red Configuration + $299? Sold. Leaked Dell Inspiron 910 Mini Note Specs and Release Date [Gizmodo] * - Douchily: I knew it!
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One Response to Dell Mini-Inspiron Netbook: specs leaked, rumored August 22nd, Ubuntu!

  1. Matt J says:

    They make the same mistake Apple used to. The Dell logo is upside down.

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