Latest unnecessary Wii peripheral: the Wii Sqweeze

InterAction Laboratories have unveiled their newest Wii exergaming peripheral: the "Wii Sqweeze." According to CEO Greg Merril while demonstrating the device, you plug the Wiimote into the peripheral and either squeeze or pull, allowing for both "shoulder abduction and adduction." Unfortunately, at least in the former capacity, the prototype Wii Sqweeze appears to work too well: the demonstration was quickly halted when a hysterical Mr. Merril began running around the showroom in circles, his disembodied arms flopping wildly and salmon-like upon the convention center floor. Wii Sqweeze [Exergame Lab]
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2 Responses to Latest unnecessary Wii peripheral: the Wii Sqweeze

  1. Garr says:

    Yes, and then you get to pay Nintendo ransom for your abducted shoulders. Nice try, but you won’t get me!

  2. SamF says:

    Damnit! Now I have to change the name of my breast-shaped Wii peripheral.

    How does “Wii grope” grab you? (PUN!)

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