Hive speaker design bridges gulf between iPods, lawns

Christopher Stuart's design for an outdoor speaker is simple and pleasingly unembellished. It's just a speaker, a wireless connection, a big-bottomed battery and a plastic dome to protect it from whatever Mother Nature may fling at it. It looks like a futuristic ashtray. Though commissioned, it doesn't appear to be in production. So you'll just have to put up with one of those giant polystyrene boulders for now. Question: Why do industrial designers still commission Flash websites that prevent others linking to their work? Lone Speaker Drone is Louder in a Hive [Yanko Design]

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2 Responses to Hive speaker design bridges gulf between iPods, lawns

  1. muteboy says:

    Agree about the website. Is there a campaign to make these people listen? Architects are guilty too.

  2. Gilbert Wham says:

    I’m sure they get taught Flash, and only Flash, at university and are never aware that there are a million and six other ways to do it that DON’T PISS EVERYONE OFF. Either that, or they are all Chaotic Evil.

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