New Archos to have 3G internet

Archos' next generation of handheld video players will have 3G internet, turning them into always-on portals to all the media that's fit to stream. Given the lack of an in-built mic, however, use as VoIP phones is an impractical proposition. The new Archoses also drop the sharp geometry of the current models in favor of a more generic appearance, with the 3G-equipped Archos 5G having a 4.8" display and a 30GB hard drive. The Archos 7, which will not include a 3G modem, makes up for it with a 320GB hard drive and a 7" display. Powered by ARM Cortex processors, they'll both be $550. Elegant New Archos Players To Come With 3G [Gadget Lab]

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One Response to New Archos to have 3G internet

  1. Anonyman says:

    Excellent, now I can pay a monthly fee on other devices too. My Cell was getting lonely.

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