Apple says 2.0.2 update fixed iPhone 3G, BUT...

So why is the Apple iPhone 3G giving such lackluster 3G network performance compared to other phones? Is the problem going to be fixed? No need to worry. According to Apple spokeswoman Jennifer Bowcock, it's already okay!
"The [iPhone 3G 2.0.2] software update improves communication with 3G networks."
Great! Except according to the statistics gathered by the Test My iPhone website (summed up here by Cult of Mac):
Prior to the upgrade, the average iPhone download speed is 2227.93 kbps (averaged from nearly 600,000 total speed tests made at the site). But in tests made over the past 24 hours, the average is just 1429.31 kbps. That’s a decrease of nearly 36 percent.
To be fair, Test My iPhone may not be a flawless metric for iPhone 3G network speed... a fact even Cult of Mac notes. But the Apple support forums are filled with people who are still having problems. Ars Technica's editor-in-chief (among others) lost the ability to make 3G calls entirely with the update. And while not 3G related, apps are still crashing all over the place. What is going on, Apple? Do you even know?
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3 Responses to Apple says 2.0.2 update fixed iPhone 3G, BUT...

  1. JesseDegenerate says:


    That sucks, I would have returned it if i were you. Personally I think AT&T’s network is just not up to it in some places; Here in Manhattan and Brooklyn I’ve deployed 8 (mostly people who have gotten their own, as the apple embargo is 3 per company) Going against a 2003 exchange server and i’ve asked my users, none of them report dropped calls or issues.

    Did you think that it could be the AT&T coverage in your area? To be honest, if your not willing to figure out the problem, then it’s in apples best interest that your not a user:D

  2. Katybeth says:

    Jennifer, if you can hear me now….my 3G phone is not faster (although that is not my issue) and it still drops calls if I use 3G. If I turn off the 3G as suggested by the Apple Old Orchard, Chicago store than my calls are not dropped. I live in the Chicagoland area, the Apple store says turn off coverage, the Genius also mentioned that his friend did not have coverage problems in Arizona–Good to know. AT&T replaced my Sim card, showed me a coverage map, patted my head and said “see its not our problem.” My problem? Was not remembering my fairy tales—or I would have said NO TO THE APPLE. I am a first and last time APPLE Buyer.

  3. roz says:

    Possibly they are slowing down the connection speed to make the iPhone play better with the network. Maybe it was maxing out before and this is intended.

    Yes there does seem to be another bug with app management. It might be tougher to fix since it involves the store.

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