Samsung Omnia "Unboxing Vlog" features Liliputians, fireworks

A brilliant viral promotional vid for the Samsung Omnia, under the pretense of an amateur tech blogger's bored, snarky unboxing video. If only Samsung had put this level of creativity and technical ingenuity into the making of the actual phone. Samsung Omnia Unboxing Vid [YouTube]
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5 Responses to Samsung Omnia "Unboxing Vlog" features Liliputians, fireworks

  1. Matthew Walton says:

    Brilliant Lemmings reference!

    I expect the phone is probably very boring though. At the moment nothing short of the Android or Openmoko device from my wildest dreams would satisfy me (and the latter is really not going to happen any time soon).

  2. w000t says:

    Is the voice Donnie from You Suck at Photoshop? Sure sounds like it to me.

  3. Garr says:

    haha, beautiful. Can’t speak for the phone (know next to nothing of it), but this marketing idea is brilliant and wonderfully realised.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I thought the video was pretty clever. It starts out looking like another boring unboxing video, but then there’s a red button!

    The phone itself is pretty nice though. Lots of features. Too bad it’s single band 3G.

  5. zikman says:

    definitely not

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