Teddycam catches thief

A tiny camera, hidden in the eye of a teddy bear by a 21 year old forensic scientist, caught a carer stealing from her terminally ill grandmother. As a result, a judge sentenced the carer to six months in the nick. From the beeb:
Robert Sampson, 46, and (daughter) Emma, 21 ... set up the camera when 75-year old Mrs Sampson noticed money going missing ... Mr Sampson said: "My mother has end-stage leukaemia and we had to get a carer in who worked for the primary care trust (PCT). "The next day my mum said £40 had gone out of her purse."
The model used cost £55 ($120), and its eye-like lens inspired them to rig up a plush toy. Expecting a lengthy wait, they got results immediately: "We thought it would be a long process but she was greedy." Teddy camera catches carer thief [BBC]

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5 Responses to Teddycam catches thief

  1. vamidus says:

    We pulled a similar trick in our office…

    We started noticing change missing from our drawers and installed a few hidden cameras, one in an eye of a plush cat. Soon we had footage of the thief, a person working for a cleaning service, “cleaning out” our drawers. He got fired, but no one pressed charges.

  2. gadfly says:

    just a few days ago, i rewatched the episode of Weeds featuring a teddy bear that looks a lot like the one pictured here. funny, i didn’t realize people did this in the real world. at least the purpose here was a little nobler than the ones suggested on the tv show.

  3. kaosmonkey says:

    A what?

    A car? A career? A caterer?

    Oooohhh… a caregiver!

  4. Ceronomus says:

    Yo, u dissin teh qweens’ Anglish? ;)

    I thought the same thing myself. Of course the whole “pleaded” thing that the news channels use instead of “pled” still sends nails on chalkboard like agony down my spine…and I’m pretty casual about language.

  5. Downpressor says:

    No one has yet mentioned that this bear has a heck of a camel toe. Someone needs to call the Teddy Bear Liberation Front ASAP

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